Friday, June 28, 2013

Ben Swann - Discloses Syria

Obama (America) is sending money and arms to rebels who are not "the good guys".
Watch this and you will no doubt be furious regarding our involvement in this Syrian conflict.

You ain't seen nothing yet.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Weatherman Admits To Military Chemtrail Dumping


So when do you think this dude will get fired?

Trailer of the Film "What in the World are they Spraying?"

They are poisoning the sky, the land and us.

Watch the full length movie
"What in the World are they Spraying"?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Illegal Immigration - Wheeling And Dealing In DC

An 1,100 page behemoth bill is being crafted in the Senate.
Votes for this bill are being bought with treats and pork like never before.
This is not representation for the American people!
This bill is not even good for this country nor will it really secure our borders.

Everyone in the US will end up "being registered" and it rewards lawbreaking illegals with preferential treatment.
This bill is garbage and should be wholly rejected.

- and of course Sen. Schumer is threatening riots in the streets if this bill is not passed...
"On Sunday, Sen. Charles Schumer (N.Y.), the Democrat sponsor of the illegal alien amnesty bill currently making its way through the U.S. Senate, said their would be mass riots in our streets if the Republican majority blocks the bill when it comes to the House."
- and of course the Democrat party is salivating over millions of new voters to support them in the next election.  

Most Senators do not even know what they are voting for, nor do they seem to care what is really in this bill.. they are just getting whatever deal they can in return for their vote.

It is being crammed down our throats just like that mess called Obamacare.

The new Immigration Bill:

1. will COST Taxpayers $6.3 Trillion, just for amnesty; via Heritage Foundation
2. contrary to Rubio’s rhetoric, his no-welfare claim doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.
3. illegal aliens won’t have to pay back taxes to the US (page 68).
4. allows illegal aliens to access state and local welfare benefits immediately.
5. calls for a national biometric database on all adult Americans.
6. requires every American to obtain a National ID card to work legally in the U.S.
7. grants amnesty simply after submitting a security ‘trigger’ ‘PLAN’.
8. same chain migration provisions extended to family outside US at DHS discretion.
9. DREAM fast-track amnesty with NO age cap allows citizenship in five years.
10. over 400 waivers, exceptions, and exclusions. Enormous power grab by DHS.
11. grants amnesty to criminals and gang members. Criminal ‘catch & release’ easier.
12. makes legal immigrants eligible for subsidized Obamacare upon arrival. Costly.
13. $150 million SLUSH FUND for kickbacks to groups who wrote, promoted bill.
14. border agents put under thumb of DOJ; Office of Civil Rights (Sec.1111,1112, 1113).
15. prohibits border officers apprehending alien who “appear eligible” for legalization (69-70).
16. guts state laws prohibiting employment of illegal aliens. Anti-Arizona crowd; Rubio.
17. requires taxpayers to foot the bill for illegals to fight deportation.
18. on page 496, the bill explicitly ‘preempts’ states from enforcing immigration laws.
19. does not require Amnestied illegal aliens to learn English; Or even ‘de facto’ English.
20. provides protection for illegal identity thieves, but no restitution for victims.
21. amnestied aliens who stole American identities given new SS # and clean slate.
22. allows aliens, lobbies to sue US government for amnesty (page 75). Lawyer prize.
23. employers who aided fraud by accepting bogus ID’s, SS #’s won’t face penalty.
24. Families of elderly parents now living outside US, eligible for fed benefits in 10 yrs.
25. deportations are suspended for everyone here; bill invites deported to come back.
26. allows aliens who have been deported to return and get legalization (pages 61-66).
27. makes application’s secret; never be used by DHS for deportation (page 118).
28. ostensibly halts all deportations for 2.5 yrs. Subject to sole discretion of DHS.
29. no fence. The plan only calls for DHS Secretary to “establish fence strategy”.
30. gives secretary of DHS the sole power to certify if the borders is secure.
31. provisions in bill show that 66% of Southern border will be unprotected.
32. Requires only 3 of 9 southern border sectors to have 90% apprehension rate.
33. no biometric exit-entry system as currently required by law. Watered-down provisions.
34. “community organizers” educate immigrants on citizenship and American principles.
35. no DHS requirement to interview applicants for legalization (pg.105). Rubber-stamp.
36. no gov’t documents or background checks required to identify new immigrants.
37. discourages DHS from deporting aliens even if denied legalization.(Sec. 245B-3-A)
38. prohibits alien deportation until after appeals are exhausted years into future (page 73).
39. eligible for legalization even if found by court a phony asylum application filed (page 66).
40. puts drastic limitations on “profiling” on employer side and law enforcement side.
41. Rubio’s proclaimed Border Commission is only glorified DHS advisory committee.
42. easy pathway to get asylum. Eliminates 1-year window for asylum (page 551).
43. grants tremendous political power to the Mexican gov’t, Left groups and La Raza.
44. every form of enforcement promised was promised in 1986, 1990, 1996 immigration acts.
45. E-verify and watered-down visa tracking system are not implemented for TEN years.
46. replaces E-verify with unspecified verification system not available for years (p. 503)
47. adds addt’l 33M permanent workers via amnesty, future immigration in 10 yrs. Graph.
48. special-interest provisions, favors connected agribiz special interests, not small farms.
49. requires immigration officers help aliens apply; advertise legalization program (page 93).
50. opens door for class action lawsuits; judges appoint taxpayer-funded council (p. 567).

Horrible provisons.
Miserable bill.
This needs to be defeated and immigration laws need to be fixed properly - not done like this circus act.

Heaven help us all.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

For all of you fathers out there ..
Today is YOUR day!
Have a wonderful day.. you deserve it!

I hope you spend it surrounded by the people who love and appreciate you the most.

My dad, Leonard Theodore, passed away in 1997 at the age of 77 years.
He was a terrific dad, a loving grandfather and a really great person.
I miss him so very very much.
I know he would be so proud to see what his grandchildren have accomplished so far.
He served in World War 2 in the Pacific, and then came home and raised a family.
He did wonderful things in his community - like being a Boy Scout Master - and working to help raise money for our synagogue. He was always there to help a neighbor in need. He was hard working guy. He was honest and loving and had a great sense of humor. He helped raise 3 children and he was always there when they got themselves into some sort of jam.

He was an avid bowler too - and bowled 2 perfect games in his bowling career.
One 300 game happened shortly before he died.
The picture above shows him with the trophies he won for bowling a perfect game.
He was an avid Yankees fan.
Dad was an inspiration to me and I will always hold him dear in my heart.
Happy Father's Day dad, wherever you are in the universe!

The other wonderful Dad in my life is my husband.
The photo above shows him on the right sharing a glass of wine with our boys on Mother's Day.
He's is a fantastic dad.
Everyone who knows him appreciates his sense of humor.
As a dad, he is always there for our children to offer words of advice, encouragement and candor.
He's always been there whenever the kids needed help or guidance.
He always made time for our children and makes family his priority.
He's accomplished many things; like becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster.
He's been involved with Boy Scouts and Homeschool projects and much much more..
He learned to brew his own beer and make his own yogurt.

There's so much I could say about him... but most of all he is honest, loving, kind-hearted and self-reliant, and I can't imagine having anyone else be the father of my children.
I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life.  
This July we celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary... and I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

As you enjoy Father's Day here are a few Father's Day quotes:
The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” -David O. McKay

"He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it." ~Clarence Budington Kelland

A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.” -Unknown

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Time For Some Truth In Media!

Are you sick of "controlled narratives" and "media messages" passing for news?
Anyone who supports getting the real truth should support this effort:

Let's end corporate controlled BS propagandist media and bring on real investigative reporting!
The Truth will help to rebuild America!
Independent News will help make it happen!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Surveillance Nation

Fourth Amendment - Totally trashed.
So now it has been revealed how the US government is spying on American citizens... using phone records, social media, the Internet and a whole host of other means.

I present the new theme song of the National Security Agency (NSA).

America... what will you do to stop these abuses?
Will you continue to allow government spying on you?
Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty and warrants?
Whatever happened to the right to privacy?

You can thank the Patriot Act for this type of tyranny.
So - who voted for the Patriot Act???

Our government is using the NSA to collect phone records of completely innocent people and using the IRS to attack their political adversaries... they are trying to disarm the public while sending arms and money to enemies abroad.. this and much more... NOT a GOOD situation folks.... Not at all Good!

and who among us was called a lunatic when we said this kind of thing would happen?

More on Surveillance here.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Brave Testimony Regarding IRS Abuses

Must see if you haven't already.

Powerful testimony by Patriots to US Lawmakers investigating the IRS scandal, whereby the IRS was delaying applications and requiring information of Patriot/Tea Party groups solely based on their political activities and/or dissemination of information.

Bravo to Becky Gerritson and Karen Kenney ... both women embody Americans who have had enough of the overreach and corruption and thuggery of this government - Eloquent, Factual, Respectful, and Heartfelt. These are the types of people who should hold government office because THEY understand what this country and its founding is all about.