Tuesday, November 30, 2010


With all the market openings in negative territory which then seems to change course, do you wonder if the stock market is being manipulated?

Do you know about POMO?

POMO (Permanent Open Market Operations) is an action by the Fed to buy Treasury bonds from, in this case, their Primary Dealer network. As a result, stocks immediately ramp higher... even when there is bad news, or bad financial reports, etc., in which a non-manipulated stock market would normally tank. (read more at TheStreet)

The bottom line here is that it appears that the markets are in full financial engineering mode whether it's via the Fed or companies with high cash balances buying back shares. Stock prices are also inflating. It is said that retailers won't be doing any great things until housing issues are resolved (foreclosures and such) and employment conditions improve. Until then, businesses are mainly just cutting costs and beating their estimates without growing measurably.

Take a peek at what the Fed is buying...
POMOs: Treasury
The purchase or sale of Treasury securities on an outright basis adds or drains reserves available in the banking system. Such transactions are arranged on a routine basis to offset other changes in the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet in conjunction with efforts to maintain conditions in the market for reserves consistent with the federal funds target rate set by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC).

Are you aware of how many people have already gotten out of the market? Many small investors have already cashed out - either because they needed the money or because they don't want to get burned from another huge stock market downturn (which many are expecting). Some people are withdrawing their money from their IRAs, and paying the penalties and taxes, because they believe that taxes will increase so much more in the coming years that withdrawing now could actually preserve their assets in the long run. Some are taking their dollars and buying gold and silver, and even land, as a hedge against the expected inflation. Certainly there are many different financial strategies being executed, but bottomline is that folks are trying to preserve their assets and their future buying power in any way they can.

Mutual funds have the lowest cash level on record, and have experienced 29 consecutive weekly outflows. (The graphs in the link are worth a look)

Question is ... how long can the Fed prop up the stock market?
It could very well, get very ugly, very soon.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Euro Game Is Up!

Nigel Farage tells it like it is.

How long before the EU crashes and burns?
Will it be before or after Ireland and Greece default?
Any guesses?

Word to the Wise: Leveraged speculation and mal-investment lead to asset deflation and collapse.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

General Thanksgiving (see original document)
By the PRESIDENT of the United States Of America
WHEREAS it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favour; and Whereas both Houfes of Congress have, by their joint committee, requefted me "to recommend to the people of the United States a DAY OF PUBLICK THANSGIVING and PRAYER, to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to eftablifh a form of government for their safety and happiness:"

NOW THEREFORE, I do recommend and affign THURSDAY, the TWENTY-SIXTH DAY of NOVEMBER next, to be devoted by the people of thefe States to the fervice of that great and glorious Being who is the beneficent author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be; that we may then all unite in rendering unto Him our fincere and humble thanksfor His kind care and protection of the people of this country previous to their becoming a nation; for the fignal and manifold mercies and the favorable interpofitions of His providence in the courfe and conclufion of the late war; for the great degree of tranquility, union, and plenty which we have fince enjoyed;-- for the peaceable and rational manner in which we have been enable to eftablish Conftitutions of government for our fafety and happinefs, and particularly the national one now lately instituted;-- for the civil and religious liberty with which we are bleffed, and the means we have of acquiring and diffufing useful knowledge;-- and, in general, for all the great and various favours which He has been pleafed to confer upon us.

And also, that we may then unite in moft humbly offering our prayers and fupplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and befeech Him to pardon our national and other tranfgreffions;-- to enable us all, whether in publick or private ftations, to perform our feveral and relative duties properly and punctually; to render our National Government a bleffing to all the people by conftantly being a Government of wife, juft, and conftitutional laws, difcreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed; to protect and guide all fovereigns and nations (especially fuch as have shewn kindnefs unto us); and to blefs them with good governments, peace, and concord; to promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue, and the increafe of fcience among them and us; and, generally to grant unto all mankind fuch a degree of temporal profperity as he alone knows to be beft.

GIVEN under my hand, at the city of New-York, the third day of October, in the year of our Lord, one thousand feven hundred and eighty-nine.

(signed) G. Washington

Source: The Massachusetts Centinel, Wednesday, October 14, 1789

Historically speaking:
While there were Thanksgiving observances in America both before and after Washington's proclamation, this represents the first to be so designated by the new national government.

After their first harvest, the colonists of the Plymouth Plantation held a celebration of food and feasting in the fall of 1621. Indian chiefs Massassoit, Squanto and Samoset joined in the celebration with ninety of their men in the three-day event.

The first recorded Thanksgiving observance was held on June 29, 1671 at Charlestown, Massachusetts by proclamation of the town's governing council.

During the 1700s, it was common practice for individual colonies to observe days of thanksgiving throughout each year. A Thanksgiving Day two hundred years ago was a day set aside for prayer and fasting, not a day marked by plentiful food and drink as is today's custom. Later in the 18th century each of the states periodically would designate a day of thanksgiving in honor of a military victory, an adoption of a state constitution or an exceptionally bountiful crop.

"Consent of the Governed" wishes you and yours a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

Even with all of the problems we face, we are very fortunate to live in a country of such bounty and opportunity. May we all continue to work to preserve liberty and freedom so that our Republic and its people can prosper through life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We should take some time at Thanksgiving to take stock of that which is good and positive in our lives as well as that which needs to be attended to or changed.

My thoughts and prayers go out to our soldiers who are unable to be with their families this holiday season, and my hope is that they will be kept out of harm's way and that they will return home to stay real soon.

I also hope that each and every one of you will also be protected from the financial turmoil which now plagues our nation, and that if you are touched by unemployment, financial hardship, and other difficult life lessons, that you weather it and emerge from it stronger. Please try to remember that really the most important thing is our family and friends and the caring and love that we give and receive. If we don't have anything else, we have each other. In the end, there is no difference between the poor man and the rich man when they return to dust, but what makes the biggest difference is what we do with our lives when we walk this Earth. Let's take the time to celebrate not so much what we have in "stuff", but the strength and quality of our relationships with one another, and to thank whatever higher power that each of us may believe in, for all the goodness that we individually enjoy in our life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

National Opt Out Day - November 24th

Traveling the day before Thanksgiving?
Not happy with giving up your 4th amendment rights at the airport? (or any other time for that matter)
Civil disobedience is brewing.
People will "Just say NO" to TSA scanning and groping.

If we don't say "NO", this eradication of our 4th amendment rights will spread like a Cancer... as it is already being planned for bus and train travel and other places of public transportation.
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says terrorists will continue to look for U.S. vulnerabilities, making tighter security standards necessary.

“[Terrorists] are going to continue to probe the system and try to find a way through,” Napolitano said in an interview that aired Monday night on "Charlie Rose."

“I think the tighter we get on aviation, we have to also be thinking now about going on to mass transit or to trains or maritime. So, what do we need to be doing to strengthen our protections there?”

They are planning to roll this out to control the population under the guise of "protecting us"... and worse than that, anyone fighting against this gross assault of our civil liberties will be deemed a "domestic extremist".
"Following the publication of my article titled “Gate Rape of America,” I was contacted by a source within the DHS who is troubled by the terminology and content of an internal memo reportedly issued yesterday at the hand of DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano. Indeed, both the terminology and content contained in the document are troubling. The dissemination of the document itself is restricted by virtue of its classification, which prohibits any manner of public release. While the document cannot be posted or published, the more salient points are revealed here.

The memo, which actually takes the form of an administrative directive, appears to be the product of undated but recent high level meetings between Napolitano, John Pistole, head of the Transportation Security Administration TSA),and one or more of Obama’s national security advisors. This document officially addresses those who are opposed to, or engaged in the disruption of the implementation of the enhanced airport screening procedures as “domestic extremists.”

The terminology contained within the reported memo is indeed troubling. It labels any person who “interferes” with TSA airport security screening procedure protocol and operations by actively objecting to the established screening process, “including but not limited to the anticipated national opt-out day” as a “domestic extremist.” The label is then broadened to include “any person, group or alternative media source” that actively objects to, causes others to object to, supports and/or elicits support for anyone who engages in such travel disruptions at U.S. airports in response to the enhanced security procedures." Canadian Free Press

and in case you are wondering... this is next.

Are you convinced yet, that America has become a Police State? and you could very well be deemed a "Domestic Extremist" for taking a stand against these assaults on our freedom. We are now all guilty until proven innocent.

The 4th amendment to the US Constitution:
"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

Enough is enough indeed.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Microchipping Humans By 2017

Have you seen this NBC report?

They want to "free us from our wallets and keys".

Legislators have already proposed legislation to make it so everyone must have a chipped card in order to have a job... which of course will be followed by the inability to do many other things without "a chip".

Microchip Implants will be used to link your health records, credit history, and social security records. All medical records are already being digitized as a stipulation of Obamacare.

If government can require Americans to carry chipped documents and make your work and financial and health records a part of that, it will just be a matter of time before that chip will be implanted.... to of course "free you from carrying documents" and for "security purposes"(Remember - everything is being done for your own good).

... and don't think for one moment that this cannot ever happen.. Remember Joe Biden even mentioned it (quite strongly, I might add) in Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts' confirmation hearing.

Here's an actual commercial from IBM showing us what's in the pipeline as far as implantable RFID microchips are concerned.

Don't think it will happen?
There are billions of dollars invested in it.

The government is already holding data on us - our purchases and our phone calls.
And of course it is all in the name of "the War on Terror"

So, if we cannot fight government for having us all treated like cattle and being molested in order to fly from one destination to another, how will we combat this assault on our privacy and our ability to work and live?

Please read this related post.

(H/T Diane C.)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

It Really Is Time To Homeschool Your Children

You know... when you start seeing more and more articles like these, it just really screams Homeschool Your Kids...

Condom distribution in Massachusetts Elementary School
First grade students can ask for the condoms, though the policy requires that students speak to a school nurse or other trained counselor before receiving one.

Dr. Beth Singer, school superintendent, said since there is no age limit on the distribution policy, she wanted to ensure that younger students requesting condoms receive information on their use.

“We’re talking about younger kids. They have questions they need answered on how to use them, when to use them,” Singer said.

Singer said that although sex education is taught in health classes, there isn’t any detailed instruction on condom usage.

The board voted unanimously to approve the policy, which states that the school district will not honor requests from parents that their children not be given condoms.

"That should be a parent's decision to say if condoms are available to their children," said summer resident Charlie Hanson.

"I would rather parents say they don't want their kids to have sex instead of saying I don't want my child to have a condom," said Singer.

The policy contains a strongly worded statement that the district does not approve of sexual activity by students.

However, if students engage in sexual activity “against our better judgment,” they are urged to use condoms, the policy states.

Interestingly enough, a poll on the website showed that 79% of people were against this policy. The fact that anyone agrees with it at all is quite alarming.

and then there was this:

Drug Rehab Clinic to be opened at a New York High School.
Parents and taxpayers wondered why the district had proposed opening a drug clinic inside William Floyd high school.

"Something needed to be done," said Casciano of the school district's ongoing battle against student drug use.

Since the 2007-08 school year, the number of disciplinary cases involving students either possessing drugs in school or coming to class high had doubled, school officials confirmed.

After consulting drug rehab experts, educators decided to explore the uncharted territory of moving a clinic into the school.

If approved by state officials, it would become the only in-school program of its kind in New York.

"We wanted to make it easier for kids to get help," said Casciano, citing the lack of programs like this in the school's Mastic Beach community.

Under the proposed plan, the drug clinic would be for counseling only. No drugs like methadone would be dispensed.

Only district students could join the program. Addicts from the surrounding community would not be allowed to take part.

"Let's meet the kids where they are at and remove as many barriers to treatment as we can," said Caroline Sullivan, managing director of the Daytop rehabilitation program.

Daytop has filed an application with New York state to run the William Floyd program.

There would be no cost to local taxpayers, according to both Sullivan and Casciano. A patient's personal health insurance would cover the costs.

Daytop currently runs programs across New York state; but, students come to the Daytop facilities, not vice versa.

"The fact that they're being proactive and not putting their heads in the sand - it's amazing," said William Floyd parent-teacher organization vice-president Lorraine Mentz.


It's unclear how long it could take for state officials to review the application for the in-school clinic. And the William Floyd school board would also need to approve it.

Before that, it might have to answer the concerns of doubters in the public.

"For those who think the school is not the place, then where is," countered Sullivan. "Our kids are dying out there; so, why not go to them."

I wonder if this is a testament to the terrific drug education programs that government schools have been shoving down these kids throats - which essentially introduces kids to drugs and actually teaches them how to use them in the first place. I recall even when I went to school (back in the Stone Age) that we had police come in and actually share with us kids what all of the drug paraphernalia looked like, and what they were used for.

But honestly, it's true kids need help.. but there are already so many programs available - why do they need to bring this into a school setting? What about parental involvement? Will parents be invited to "counseling"? And how about taxpayers follow the money on this one. Who gets to choose which provider goes into a school? How much do they get on the taxpayer's payroll? is this really what taxpayers should be paying for? And since when can schools practice medicine without a license?

Will they soon be offering abortion clinics in High School as well? How about Gambling Clinics? Why not open up Alcoholics Anonymous Chapters in each High School?

The whole thing is just another indication at how badly government schooling has screwed up America's youth with emphasis on drug, sex and alcohol "education". Health classes are a complete joke. The fact of the matter is that government schools have created a monster, and the lack of any student training on morals, ethics, and decency have nourished it's growth. They are so busy thinking that it takes a village to raise a kid, that they have forgotten that it is a family's true responsibility to do so.

The sad fact is that our highly paid school administrators just cannot seem to concentrate on their main mission - which is education. They subsequently do not and cannot impart the basics of education - and they refuse to leave the social and medical issues for parents to deal with. Parents are rightfully the ones who should be dealing with those issues... and if they do not ... well then there are already laws on the books having to do with neglect.

Government schooling has taken "In Loco Parentis" to extremes. The trouble is that school administrators really suck at being parents.

America.. if you value your children at all, you really need to homeschool your kids and take them out of this very toxic environment.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

S.510 - Creation Of The Food And Garden Police

Otherwise known as Fascism in Agriculture.
Where does the over reaching of our Federal Government end?

I am honestly sick to death of these stupid pieces of legislation that dictate to every American what they can and cannot do. What's worse is that they do it under the guise of "Protecting Americans"! What a crock!

S. 510: the "FDA Food Safety Modernization Act"
makes it a crime for you to grow your own produce and sell it to anyone else without expensive oversight by the government. Other parts of the bill are just as reprehensible.

If this moronic piece of legislation does become the law of the land, you can say goodbye to farmers markets, organically grown produce, raw milk – and other kinds of foods that increasing numbers of Americans have been producing as well as specifically looking to purchase from. Truth be told, it will just be way too expensive for the small producers to comply with all of these new federal regulations and policies. And that is the point - to drive these small producers out of business in favor of huge agri-businesses. It also makes companies like Monsanto the chief controller of all seeds and ultimately of what is grown. It is legislating and blessing food monopolies.

You can be certain that this bill has less to do about food safety, and definitely more to do with federal and corporate control over our food supply. This also comes on the heels of King Obama appointing yet another Czar; that would be an attorney who has fought for and represented Monsanto, as FDA Food Safety Czar! Like we need a Monsanto cheerleader to determine what foods are safe and what are not!
"Monsanto’s Michael Taylor who gave us rBGH and unregulated genetically modified (GM) organisms, appears to have designed it and is waiting as an appointed Food Czar to the FDA (a position unapproved by Congress) to administer the agency it would create — without judicial review — if it passes. S 510 would give Monsanto unlimited power over all US seed, food supplements, food and farming." - Food Freedom
Monsanto is looking to have a monopoly over our food supply, and is working towards getting this legislation passed which could stop Americans from growing their own food (as well as collecting and storing seeds). They have also been working on controlling access to vitamin supplements (and that's another bill in the works). Again, this is being done under the pretense of "safety". People are tending to prefer fresh organic food rather than the cheaper frozen, canned and processed crap that is grown and packaged by companies who use Monsanto's seeds. Monsanto creates crops which are grown from genetically engineered modified seeds, which by the way will not produce seeds that can be planted and grown.

Seeds of Domination .. Part 1 (if you get a chance you should watch the other parts as well)

Sarah Foster wrote an article that is posted over at News With Views which stated this:
...Attorney Pete Kennedy ... [is] president of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, a D.C.-based advocacy group that defends raw milk producers, organic food co-ops, organic growers, and family farms against overbearing governmental intrusions. Having spent countless hours pouring over the bill and its earlier versions, he knows its every phrase, every shaded meaning, as well as the statutes already on the books. His conclusions: [Please read his full article]

“The federal government will be imposing on the states its pro-pasteurization, pro-irradiation, pro-GMO version of safe food; in its view, the only good bacteria is dead bacteria,” Kennedy warns. “This is not about food safety; it’s about federal control over the food supply.”

S. 510: the "FDA Food Safety Modernization Act”, which Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) dropped it in the hopper in March last year, is the companion bill to H.R. 2749: the "Food Safety Enhancement Act”, introduced by Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., in June 2009. The House version was anything but popular and all kinds of shenanigans on the part of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif. (head of the House Energy and Commerce Committee) were needed for passage. But despite a huge opposition, within the Capital and beyond the Beltway, H.R. 2749 was passed July 30, less than two months after its introduction. The vote was 283-142, thanks to over 50 Republicans who voted yes.

The grassroots uproar and bruising floor fight over the measure may have been why Reid opted to keep S. 510 on the back burner so long. But it was not forgotten. Like ObamaCare and Cap-and-Trade, this is a priority item on the administration’s wish list. The title suggests it’s not a “food safety” bill so much as an FDA-empowerment measure. ...

“S 510 is not about protecting the public health but rather about increasing federal control over food and transferring market share from the local food system to the industrial food system. The bill grants broad rulemaking power to FDA, a grant not merited by the agency’s track record. Its passage will cripple local food over time.”

... As Kennedy sees it: “More than ever S. 510 represents a major threat to the local food movement, states’ autonomy to regulate food, and the country’s ability to become self-sufficient in food production. … Passage of the revised version into law will enable FDA potentially to regulate all farms marketing food products direct to consumers even if the farms engage only in intrastate commerce.”

S 510 is not about protecting the public health but rather about increasing federal control over food and transferring market share from the local food system to the industrial food system. The bill grants broad rulemaking power to FDA, a grant not merited by the agency’s track record. Its passage will cripple local food over time.”

Senator Tom Coburn of Illinois, also wrote a very good analysis of this bill's provisions.

The truth about this legislation is that S.510 will crush family farms and small agricultural businesses with excessive Federal regulations.

This legislation also violates the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution by giving the FDA license to raid and search farms and food producers without court permission.

If you think the FDA and other government agencies will use this new power responsibly, then you will be sadly mistaken. We have already seen food producers being raided and threatened unnecessarily by Federal Agents. David Gumpert reported that the FDA shut down two raw-milk cheese-makers with the excuse that there was the presence of the pathogen listeria in their product, even though no one got sick.

Organic food stores have been raided
and people have been threatened. While the FDA goes after small food producers it leaves the big agra-businesses alone no matter how serious their transgressions.

We cannot continue allowing the federal government to gobble up control over every industry from food to medicine to transportation and financial systems.
That IS a totalitarian Police State.

Please read more about this issue and contact YOUR Senators TODAY!
Let them know loud and clear that this bill is a total power grab by the FDA and will hurt (yet again) small business, and it will limit YOUR choices of produce while raising food prices.

If S510 passes the Senate, there will be a conference committee between members of the House and Senate to draft a food safety bill that would combine provisions of the Senate bill and the House bill, HR 2749, the “Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009” which passed the House on July 30, 2009. HR 2749 contains a number of draconian provisions, including one that would allow the Secretary of HHS to quarantine all movement of food within a state without even needing a court order [HR2749: Sec 133—pp. 118-121]. - Pete Kennedy

The globalists want to control your food supply.
If you don't know about Codex Alimentarius PLEASE research it.
The Codex Alimentarius Commission is responsible for establishing a system of guidelines, standards and recommendations that guides the direction of the global food supply. It aims to tell us what is safe, but in the process often uses criteria that are manipulated to support the interests of the world’s largest corporations.

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” ~Thomas Jefferson, 1778

Another video here worth seeing regarding the raid in California.

UPDATE: This bill unfortunately passed in the Senate 74-25, now they have 60 days to vote on an amended bill which combines the House and Senate version. We must still try to fight this.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

American Spirit - 1, Political Correctness - 0

Last week there was an unfortunate yet significant incident between 13 year old Cody Alicea and the Denair Middle School in California.


This caused outrage in, as well as outside of, the community and resulted in an outpouring of support for Cody and the right to fly the American flag in an American town while going to an American school. Hundreds of Bikers and Onlookers came to escort Cody to school. It was a wonderful thing to see.

Watch and see:

Subsequently the school reversed it's decision.
That California school reversed its controversial decision to force a 13-year-old student to remove the American flag attached to his bike. The decision caused an uproar among parents from inside and outside the district, and the school has decided to reverse course.

Read more about this story here

This is what happens when political correctness runs amok.. and what can happen when we stand up for our rights.

Don't Back Down.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Scan, Grope, Or Perhaps A Fine

Air travel in the United States is officially broken.
Now one cannot travel by air without being subjected to x-ray radiation, or being groped by a TSA agent.
Yes, you must virtually strip naked or submit to an "enhanced pat down" that touches your breasts and genitals.
It appears that the extra added attraction of a huge fine for non-compliance is now in the offing, unless that is just another lie the TSA agents are telling people just to get them to comply.

This young lady - Meg - was even hand-cuffed to a chair.

Amendment 4 - Search and Seizure. Ratified 12/15/1791.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

So where is the probable cause? Did Meg look like a terrorist? Americans who don't fit any type of terrorist profile such as mothers traveling with children, disabled and elderly passengers, and even airline pilots and staff are being patted down, groped and detained. This is complete lunacy.

Bottomline, we need to follow the money on this one ... GE and other companies get to sell more X-ray equipment to airports in 2010 and beyond - we lose more rights and the government controls more people as a result of fear. Fear has an economy - and that translates into lots of money for some of these companies that are working closely with Homeland Security and the Obama Administration.
Fear also allows government to control and manipulate the public. That is precisely what Homeland Security and the TSA are doing.

Assaulting our rights like this is just a travesty.

The public DOES have a choice.
Perhaps it is time for people to avoid the airport all together and drive or take a bus or a train.
Maybe we ought to start hiring private individuals to fly us to places.
And if you insist on flying - prepare yourself to be scanned (and your pictures ARE stored) and/or sexually assaulted.

Here is a list of airports using these body scanners.

Read other stuff here at Body Scanner Truth.

Please read this - National Opt Out Day.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

End Of Liberty

It's an hour 14 minutes - but you should watch this one... and send it viral.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Did Illegals Decide Outcome Of CT Elections?

National news has given attention to the voter shenanigans in CT, specifically in our large cities like Bridgeport. Those are cities that happen to be sanctuary cities that hand out ID cards to illegal aliens and are most likely used to prove residency - even at the polls.

World Net Daily printed an article, "Illegals made Democrat governor in Connecticut? 'Sanctuary city' issued thousands of IDs accepted for voter registration".
It states:
... amid the numerous reported allegations, little has been said about the possibility that illegal aliens decided a gubernatorial race in which the candidates officially were separated by just 5,810 votes out of more than 1 million cast, [Martha] Dean told WND.

Dean noted that both the mayors of New Haven and Hartford have declared their cities "sanctuary cities" for illegal aliens. She pointed out that over the past three years, New Haven has issued ID cards to about 15,000 people, ostensibly to enable them to use public services such as the library.

New Haven, Dean argued, has allowed people registering to vote to use the ID cards as proof of identification.

"While we have no proof that the recipients of these ID cards are illegal aliens, it seems likely since the mayor's argument for the cards focused on helping illegals set up bank accounts and use other city services," she said.

Anyone of voting age who is in the U.S. legally does not need an ID card, she reasoned, since he or she already has one or more forms of photo ID.

Dean said many in Connecticut believe a random sampling of the voter list to check citizenship would reveal massive voting by illegal aliens.

"The right to vote is a fundamental constitutional right," she told WND. "That right is abridged unlawfully when illegal aliens are allowed to cancel out the votes of American citizens and, in some cases, determine elections."

Our State Constitution in CT clearly states:
Section 1 of article sixth of the constitution is amended to read as follows: Every citizen of the United States who has attained the age of eighteen years, who is a bona fide resident of the town in which he seeks to be admitted as an elector and who takes such oath, if any, as may be prescribed by law, shall be qualified to be an elector.
Adopted November 24, 1976.

State statute (Sec. 9-12) says this about who can vote

(a) Each citizen of the United States who has attained the age of eighteen years, and who is a bona fide resident of the town to which the citizen applies for admission as an elector shall, on approval by the registrars of voters or town clerk of the town of residence of such citizen, as prescribed by law, be an elector, except as provided in subsection (b) of this section. For purposes of this section a person shall be deemed to have attained the age of eighteen years on the day of the person's eighteenth birthday and a person shall be deemed to be a bona fide resident of the town to which the citizen applies for admission as an elector if such person's dwelling unit is located within the geographic boundaries of such town. No mentally incompetent person shall be admitted as an elector.

(b) Any citizen who will have attained the age of eighteen years on or before the day of a regular election may apply for admission as an elector. If such citizen is found to be qualified the citizen shall become an elector on the day of the citizen's eighteenth birthday. The registrars shall add the name of any person applying under this subsection, if found qualified, to the registry list and, if applicable, to the enrollment list, together with the effective date of his registration. The registrars may place the name of each such person at the end of the registry and enrollment lists for the voting district.

Furthermore, Sec. 7-6 states who is eligible to vote.
Sec. 7-6. Eligibility to vote. At any town meeting other than a regular or special town election or at any meeting of any fire, sewer or school district or any other municipal subdivision of any town incorporated by any special act, any person who is an elector of such town may vote and any citizen of the United States of the age of eighteen years or more who, jointly or severally, is liable to the town, district or subdivision for taxes assessed against him on an assessment of not less than one thousand dollars on the last-completed grand list of such town, district or subdivision, or who would be so liable if not entitled to an exemption under subdivision (17), (19), (22), (23), (25) or (26) of section 12-81, may vote, unless restricted by the provisions of any special act relating to such town, district or subdivision.

Yet, it appears that Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz has instructed registrars across the state NOT to check citizenship status upon registration other than to have the person registering sign the registration form and swear. After my town's registrar told me she could not request to see proof of citizenship when registering someone to vote, I spoke to an attorney at SOTS and asked him why registrars may not ask for actual documented proof of citizenship, and he told me that having them sign and swear "was enough", and that "people can be challenged at the polls" - but we all know that that is not normally done.

That being said, the Office of Legislative Research wrote a report in 2000 that states:
Connecticut law does not require voter registration applicants to show proof of citizenship, though they must attest under penalty of perjury that they are United States citizens and eligible to vote. ..... Current law permits admitting officials to ask an applicant to prove his "place of birth" when registering an applicant in person and it designates the documents that constitute conclusive proof of U.S. citizenship. To register, a person must indicate on the registration form whether he is a U.S. citizen.

Voting - being an elector - in this state requires by our Constitution and our statutes that you must be a citizen of the United States, yet registrars are apparently prohibited by SOTS to verify citizenship upon registration. (at least this is what MY registrar said she was told).

We've had the ACORN fiasco with crazy registrations being handed in by ACORN workers, along with having dead people and certain felons on the registration lists.

As for felons who are not properly registered; well no one really seems to check the registration rolls versus criminal records because there isn't the staff to do that (so they say).

The system of verifying eligible electors in CT is broken, and the result of not following the Rule of Law means that these elections are not truly valid.

It's high time someone challenges this in court, and it is high time SOTS fixes their gross oversight regarding who can and cannot vote legally.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You Veterans!

I thank my readers out there who have served this country, or still serve: This one's for you -

Veterans Day
In 1918, World War I ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. The entire world celebrated. An armistice (a truce) was signed declaring the "war to end all wars" was finally over. The next year, on November 11th, the US called the day "Armistice Day" in memory of all the men and women involved in WWI. On Armistice Day, surviving soldiers marched in parades through their home towns. Politicians and veteran officers gave speeches and had ceremonies in thanks for the peace that had been won.
From About.com :
Many Americans mistakenly believe that Veterans Day is the day America sets aside to honor American military personnel who died in battle or as a result of wounds sustained from combat. That's not quite true. Memorial Day is the day set aside to honor America's war dead.

Veterans Day, on the other hand, honors ALL American veterans, both living and dead.
Please take time today to remember all those who have served our country, both living and deceased, for without them we could not benefit from the freedoms that we enjoy (or at least the ones we still have left).

Pray that those who are involved in conflict abroad come home to their loved ones safe and sound - and soon.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Malloy Says "It's Ugly"

And the Governor-elect is right on that one!
Only the truth is that it is beyond ugly.

The New York Times ran a piece that said:
With backbreaking budget deficits of as much as $4 billion, and a lifeless economy threatening to deepen those shortfalls, experts say the state is mired in its deepest financial hole in decades.

Mr. Malloy’s task is particularly daunting because he must try to create jobs in a state that has ranked last in employment growth since 1990.

It’s never been this bad,” said Fred V. Carstensen, director of the Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis. “We’re looking at years of deficits, even making heroic assumptions about revenue growth.”

Even worse, most of the usual deficit-closing tricks have already been tried, Democratic and Republican officials say, leaving Mr. Malloy, a Democrat, with little choice but to resort to blunt instruments: tax increases, layoffs or union givebacks, or going deeper into debt. ...

“It’s real ugly,” he said. “The gimmicks have run out. It falls to the next governor, who happens to be me, to right the ship.”

Mr. Malloy said he planned to squeeze every penny by consolidating state agencies, but acknowledged there would still be plenty of pain to go around. “I suspect it’s going to be something of everything,” he said. “I don’t have any other options. You can’t tax your way out of it. You can’t cut your way out of it.”

As a candidate, Mr. Malloy outlined ideas for job creation: cashing in $1 billion in unexploited state tax credits to build new research and manufacturing centers, dispatching teams of local officials and business leaders to recruit out-of-state companies and accelerating economic development at Bradley International Airport, to name a few.

...he said he would move quickly to change attitudes about Connecticut among business leaders in the state and elsewhere, by working with lawmakers to cut state surcharges on electric bills, among the highest in the nation.

The governor-elect also said he would try to bring “a sense of reality and normalcy to government,” most noticeably by adopting generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP, in keeping the state’s books and preparing its budgets.

Doing so means bringing papered-over problems out into the open, which would make the state’s immediate and structural deficits look even larger than they already do, Mr. Malloy said. “People will see we’re not going to hide our problems,” he said.

Political insiders said adopting the more stringent accounting principles could also strengthen Mr. Malloy’s hand with union leaders and lawmakers.

“It’s the handle of the ax,” said Richard Foley, a political consultant and former state Republican chairman. “Honesty can be an expensive hobby. But he might be able to use it as a tool. If you want to have truly honest budgets, we have to do this, and he’ll use it as a rationale to raise taxes, cut back some sacred cows and eliminate some positions. It’ll buy him cover.”

Mr. Malloy will at least enjoy support in the capital: his party will control both houses of the state legislature and the executive branch for the first time in 20 years.

It is indeed ugly, and has been ugly - but I have news for Dannel P. Malloy; His party has been the Majority in the State Legislature for a very very long time, and their tax and spend policies and their penchant for union handouts, growing agencies, and expanding entitlement programs is what got us into this mess in the first place. Republican Governors, have in the past, tried to stop the spendaholic Democrat Majority. Now that stop-gap is gone. Now the Democrats will have no one else but themselves to blame, in this one party rule state, to fix the mess that they originally created.

The 2011 legislative season should be a doozy. I will so want to see Malloy fight his own party to do the really hard work that must be done. There will be little time for legislators to play solitaire.

People in CT are already dealing with record unemployment, higher food prices, higher medical prices, and higher energy prices. Higher inflation cause by the federal government's Quantitative Easing is going to make things even worse, and the government's printing more money to bail out states like CT, only makes the situation worse as well.

It's time for the unions to get real, and for this state to make some very serious government downsizing. The party is quite over.

I will tell the Governor-elect one thing though - raise taxes and even more people and businesses will leave CT, and that's a fact.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

6th Annual Homeschool Blog Awards - 2010

I am yet again honored and humbled to have "Consent of the Governed" be a nominee for the Homeschool Blog Awards in the category:
Best Current Events, Opinions or Politics Blog 2010.

Thank you to the person(s) who nominated "Consent of the Governed"!

The folks at HSBA do a magnificent job of running this awards site every year for the homeschool community, and I hope they know how much it is appreciated.

Please visit and vote for your favorites - and I hope Consent of the Governed is one of them!

Also - I have been a contributor to "Parent at the Helm" and that was nominated for Best New Homeschool Blog ( just sayin')

Thanks again HSBA !

There's no hanging chads and no mysterious bags of ballots laying around!

Now everyone - please check it out and vote!

A Ghastly Gift For The Season

This holiday season you can get a gift certificate for someone to shop at the mall or:

Nothing says Happy Holidays more than a gift certificate for an abortion from Planned Parenthood.

You can help someone end a life for the holidays.
I kid you not.
A number of religious and pro-life groups are outraged, saying that at a time when millions are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, Planned Parenthood is offering a gift that could fund an abortion.

"They can and will be used to end the lives of children at Christmas," said Cathy Ruse of the Family Research Council. She believes the gift certificates will anger many, even those who are not deeply religious. "A coupon for abortion at Christmastime?" Ruse said. "That’s just inherently offensive, I think, to all Americans."

O.K. sure .. I know - women can choose what to do with their own bodies... but this just seems really wrong to give a "gift" of an abortion (and yeah, I know they can use the certificate for other health services.. but an abortion? really?) .

and while we are on the topic of Planned Parenthood...
take a look at their background and funders...
PPFA receives a large portion of its funding from the U.S. government. There are at least 18 federal statutes and hundreds of state and local programs that authorize tax dollars to be spent for "family planning" programs and procedures. Under the Hyde Amendment, however, tax dollars are not supposed to pay specifically for abortions. But PPFA capitalizes on the fact that when federal funds for family planning are administered by state agencies, county health departments, and local school districts, compliance with the law is nearly impossible to enforce.
Should government really be funding PPFA at all?

and check this out
Life Dynamics has produced a documentary called Maafa 21 that exposes black genocide through abortion in the 21st century.

The film shows a connection between the end of slavery, eugenics, and the legalization and promotion of abortion. Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics, who wrote and produced the film, notes Planned Parenthood grew when America's wealthy wanted to reduce the population of minorities in America, especially African-Americans.

"[The movie's] already been shown twice in Congress, and the response that we've had so far from African-Americans -- even African-Americans who work for congressional Democrats who are pro-abortion -- even the responses we've gotten from them have been incredibly encouraging," he points out.

Thirty-six percent of abortions in the U.S. kill black babies -- and Planned Parenthood remains the biggest abortion provider and referral service in the U.S. Many of PP's abortion facilities are located in African-American neighborhoods and target black women, says an Operation Rescue press release. - Written By:Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 6/30/2009
More on Maafa21 - here

Forget the PPFA gift certificate - but the ones you love some gold or silver.
It seems we'll need that much more.

Monday, November 8, 2010

COICA - Another Bill That Threatens YOUR Freedom

Electronic Freedom Foundation has this to say about this awful piece of legislation:
Senator Patrick Leahy (VT) .. introduced the "Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act" (COICA). This flawed bill would allow the Attorney General and the Department of Justice to break the Internet one domain at a time — by requiring domain registrars/registries, ISPs, DNS providers, and others to block Internet users from reaching certain websites. The bill would also create two Internet blacklists. The first is a list of all the websites hit with a censorship court order from the Attorney General. The second, more worrying, blacklist is a list of domain names that the Department of Justice determines — without judicial review — are "dedicated to infringing activities." The bill only requires blocking for domains in the first list, but strongly suggests that domains on the second list should be blocked as well by providing legal immunity for Internet intermediaries and DNS operators who decide to block domains on the second blacklist as well. (It's easy to predict that there will be tremendous pressure for Internet intermediaries of all stripes to block these "deemed infringing" sites on the second blacklist.)

COICA is a fairly short bill, but it could have a longstanding and dangerous impact on freedom of speech, current Internet architecture, copyright doctrine, foreign policy, and beyond. In 2010, if there's anything we've learned about efforts to re-write copyright law to target "piracy" online, it's that they are likely to have unintended consequences.

This is a censorship bill that runs roughshod over freedom of speech on the Internet. Free speech is vitally important to democracy, which is why the government is restricted from suppressing speech except in very specific, narrowly-tailored situations. But this bill is the polar opposite of narrow — not only in the broad way that it tries to define a site "dedicated to infringing activities," but also in the solution that it tries to impose — a block on a whole domain, and not just the infringing part of the site.

We note that the DMCA already gives copyright owners legal tools to remove infringing material piece-by-piece, and to obtain injunctions requiring ISPs to block certain offshore infringing websites. The misuse of the existing DMCA provisions have had a tremendously damaging impact on fair use and free expression. By comparison, COICA streamlines and vastly expands this; it would allow the AG to shoot down a whole domain including all the blog posts, images, backups, and files underneath it. In other words, it's not just possible but probable that a great deal of legitimate, protected speech will be taken down in the name of copyright enforcement.

Now - this House bill was delayed until after the mid-term elections. Unfortunately Senator Patrick Leahy (VT) was re-elected, so you can be sure this bill will rear it's ugly little head during the Lame Duck session.

If you value free Speech on the Internet then you may wish to consider contacting your "Congress Critters" and register your thoughts about this.

Read more here.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Techno Illusions

and now you see it now you don't...

It appears that illusion may be a powerful tool in the coming decade.
Keep your eye on it. (wink)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Bridgeport's Bag O' Ballots

This election fiasco has gone from bad to worse.
Aside from curiously running out of ballots and photocopying others with little to no controls, along with delivering absentee ballots to vacant lots and extending voting time for 2 hours while the Mayor of Bridgeport (most probably improperly) uses a "Reverse 9-11" system to rouse Democrats to come out to vote... now we have the magical bag o' ballots that were found uncounted in a school building. (More here)

Can anyone really take whatever election results coming out of Bridgeport seriously?

Elections require certain criteria for verifiability.
For credible and reliable elections you need several things:

1 - Integrity of the chain of custody
2 - Following election law and procedures as prescribed by statute (i.e. you can't just make stuff up)
3 - The number of votes cast must match the number of people checked in.
4 - The people checked in must be legitimate registered voters with valid identification.
5 - The process of voting, including the machines and methods used and the conditions that are applied must be transparent so that voters, poll watchers and officials can see and understand what is going on.
6 - The voting process must be auditable, that includes valid paper trails and controls of ballots and the tallies.
7 - All improper incidents need to be reported.

Not following election statutes - and causing election mayhem - may be punishable by fine!
Read the law - there may have been laws that were broken.

Read some interesting thoughts on integrity issues at CT Voters Count.

This is not over by a long shot.
There better be some serious investigations no matter who "wins" this election.
And what of the under ticket?
They were obviously affected as well.

Honestly, this is looking like we need a statewide audit and hand count.

Finally, I think Mr. Malloy should be more interested in the validity of the process then he is in taking possession of the Governor's office.
His rush to claim ownership is pretty appalling as is the rush to validate questionable numbers by our partisan and seemingly incompetent Secretary of State, Susan Bysiewicz.
If this is any indication of how Malloy does business, then we are all in for a real arrogant and dictatorial administration.

What a disgrace for Connecticut.

Remember, Remember The 5th Of November

Can't embed this video or this one - you'll just have to go watch them on YouTube.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gentlemen... Back Away From The Shredders

While Zimbabwe Ben Bernanke fires up the printing presses to spit out another obscene round of "Quantitative Easing" ... it looks like our Democ-Rats in Congress may be cranking up the shredding machines on the heels of a Republican/Tea Party/Conservative tidal wave election.

The Hill reported that Republicans will formally urge the Obama administration NOT to shred documents as they transition to the House majority, because the incoming Republicans want to ensure that all records (on a range of issues) are kept intact.

 They do not want to the Obama administration to shred or delete any relevant documents that could be requested in a congressional probe.

 They want to make sure that the documentary record is preserved so that they have something to investigate when they start various ethics and oversight hearings.

Now that the Republicans will have a House majority, they will enjoy subpoena power — something they have not had in four years. Additionally, ethics pitbull 

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is poised to become chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

There will be many issues that Rep. Issa with his investigative team, and other Republicans, are going to be looking into - including bureaucratic abuse and political foul play.

This should be very interesting indeed, but I am certain many documents will go missing - just like many of Obama's documents already have.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Rat That Is Bridgeport - Etc.

Does anyone else smell a rat?

Bridgeport....How do you not have enough election ballots?
Especially in one of the largest cities in the state?

Honestly, that trick is the oldest in the book...
It is a trick that allows you to keep the polls open 2 hours longer than anywhere else, so you can roust up as many uninterested, uninformed sheeple to come vote Democrat in order to beat the Republican guy who was polling ahead to begin with. In the meantime, wasn't it the Democrat Mayor of Bridgeport that sent out a recorded robocall to tell registered Democrats to come to vote after the judge decided to keep polls open? Like that's legit.

Oh, and what about the hundreds of blank absentee ballots that were delivered to a vacant lot in Bridgeport? And how many felons voted? Honestly, this could be a great case study in election fraud. It's shameful.

And this is what they allow Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, to get away with.

Then there was the Hartford absentee ballot situation. Apparently they were not going to count absentee ballots until AFTER the numbers for regular ballots came in. Was that so they could figure out how many more votes they needed for certain candidates to win, after the regular ballots were counted?

I think there ought to be a good investigation on all of these voter "irregularities" - although living in CT where politics is particularly a very dirty enterprise - I doubt that will happen.

We now have an Attorney General who is most likely unqualified to be in office, a documented liar who is now our Senator (who by the way, also hasn't a clue about how the economy operates), and election results for some precincts that are quite questionable.

Unfortunately, Connecticut is hopelessly mired in unethical politics and in a union stranglehold as well. We will continue to see businesses and young people leave the state - and we will continue to see our taxes rise - and we will continue to see our State and Congressional delegation support Socialist policies. Way to go Connecticut!

The Liberty movement has made a difference, and there IS change happening in the rest of the country. Unfortunately, it just hasn't hit CT yet.

On the bright side, the rest of the country had the brains to elect real change to Congress in the House - and have dumped some pretty pathetic excuses for representatives. Picking up 60-65 House seats is a significant win for the Tea Party nationally, and here in Connecticut at least we have added some more GOP seats in the CT State House as well. (Congratulations Joe Markley!)

There is still much work to do.

Rand Paul won in KY.
Allen West won in FL.
Mark Kirk won Obama's old Senate seat.
Dan Benishek won Stupak's old seat.
and a bunch more....

but the very best thing is that Nancy Pelosi has lost her gavel.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Today is the day!

"What country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time that its people preserve the spirit of resistance." - Thomas Jefferson

"The time is now near at hand which must probably determine, whether Americans are to be, Freemen, or Slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their Houses, and Farms, are to be pillaged and destroyed, and they consigned to a State of Wretchedness from which no human efforts will probably deliver them. The fate of unborn Millions will now depend, under God, on the Courage and Conduct of this army" - Gen. George Washington

Vote The Lying Socialist Career Politicians Out!
Let's REALLY change Washington!

Vote for smaller government.
Vote for less taxes.
Vote for less intrusive government.
Vote for sound money and economic stability.
Vote for ethics and accountability.
Vote for fiscal responsibility.
Vote for American sovereignty.
Vote for the weaning of citizens from government dependence.
Vote for Constitutional Principles.
Vote to Restore the Republic!
Vote for Liberty and Freedom!

Monday, November 1, 2010