Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Backdoor Amnesty

Obama, the supreme dictator, now has his administration dismissing thousands of deportation cases in this country against illegal aliens, thereby condoning illegal immigration.

The new policy started quietly about a month ago in Houston.
On Tuesday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman, Richard Rocha, announced that the Department of Homeland Security is now reviewing thousands of immigration cases and prioritizing them according to criminal history.

If an illegal alien has no serious criminal record, that is, no felonies—deportation proceedings are simply being dismissed. Illegal aliens who have been inside the country for at least two years and have only been convicted of misdemeanors will be allowed to stay.

Allowing those who came here illegally and thereby broke the law - immigration law; that my friends, is amnesty pure and simple.

It is the action of this government to now ignore its own laws!

They are doing so without the Consent of the Governed.
They are doing so without Congress.
They are doing so unilaterally.
This is critical.
The Obama administration is making up its own rules which defy current law.
Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies said: “They've made clear that they have no interest in enforcing immigration laws against people who are not convicted criminals.” ...

Tre Rebsock, the ICE union representative in Houston, said the Obama administration’s order is “going to make our officers feel even more powerless to enforce the laws.”

Unable to get an amnesty bill through Congress and facing ever plummeting poll numbers, Obama has simply decided to become our undocumented dictator and make up his own laws.
This is yet another of many reasons Obama should be impeached. Will anyone in Congress - in the Senate - have the spine to stand up to this type of tyrannical action? Isn't the Obama administration supposed to enforce the laws of this land?

Monday, August 30, 2010

US Economy - What The Brits Are Broadcasting

27th Aug 2010 - BBC Newsnight.
Peter Schiff and Laura Tyson Discuss the sad state of the US economy.

Tyson honestly believes the stimulus has worked?

Millions continue to be unemployed.
Record foreclosures.
More businesses closing.
Record number of people on public assistance.
Record bank failures.
Record American debt.
Falling GDP.
Falling consumer confidence.

Egads... are these people blind?

The Summer Of "Non Recovery"

The Summer of "non-recovery" is waning, and even "back to school" sales were a bust.
This year's back-to-school shopping season promises to be the worst one in decades for retailers, industry analysts say.

Halfway through the season, consumers are continuing to hang onto their wallets as job fears trump spending, making for gloomy sales projections, The New York Times reported Saturday.

The average family with school-age children is spending nearly 8 percent less this year than last, the National Retail Federation estimated, while retail researcher ShopperTrak called for back-to-school traffic to be down 10 percent from last year's levels, the newspaper said.

"This is going to be the worst back-to-school season in many, many years," added Craig Johnson, of retailing consultant firm Customer Growth Partners.

All the money spent on so-called "stimulus" has garnered pretty little.
And we are now stuck with a ginormous bill to pay.
$14 Trillion in debt.

Unemployment is stated at 9.5% - but we all know that it is much higher.
August numbers should prove to be even higher - with summer jobs ending and the Census work finished.

Some key economic indicators will be out this week.
On Wednesday, the Institute for Supply Management, puts out its figures which will show whether US manufacturers are still raising output. It is expected to fall from 55.5 in July to 53 in August. (Numbers above 50 indicate expansion).

The latest US employment figures come out on Friday.

A sustained rise in unemployment is one likely trigger for the Federal Reserve to launch "the QE2" (quantitative easing 2) by buying billions of dollars of long-term assets such as Treasury bonds in an attempt to stimulate the economy. (Inflation here we come!)
Non-farm payrolls data is due out on Friday. This of course is the most important indicator on the labor market and the US economy. Unemployment is expected to continue to rise.

No Matter - it is certain Michelle Obama will find someplace else to fly to and spend a ton of taxpayer money. She's a stimulus program all on her own.

Picture Of A Fascist Police State

Sidney Hill wasn't really doing anything but exercising his 1st amendment rights in a public venue. Agree with his message or not - The way he was treated really was uncalled for.

Here's more:
This first day of the 2010 Alaska State Fair starts with sunny skies and a brutal assault by security personnel on a LaRouche supporter.

At about 5pm Alaska Time, Thursday, August 26, 2010, security personnel approach Sidney Hill, a lone man peacefully displaying an impeach Obama sign near Pioneer Plaza on the Alaska State Fairgrounds in Palmer. Minutes later, a crowd assembles, additional security forces arrive, and they physically assault the man holding the sign. He's taken to the ground with force and detained.

An unidentified Alaska State Trooper arrives to physically disperse the crowd, and at several points during the conflict, crowd members yell in support of the demonstrator's right to speak his message. The demonstrator's personal firearm is confiscated by fair security, and he is held captive until Palmer police arrive to escort the man away in cuffs.

Sidney Hill was in jail awaiting a pre-trial at 1:00 pm on August 27, 2010 at the Palmer Courthouse. He has been charged with Assault 4-Cause Fear Of Injury, Disorderly Conduct-Challenge To Fight, and Criminal Trespass 2- Upon Premises. However, according to the Valley Frontiersman newspaper, "Assistant District Attorney Trina Sears said her office decided not to prosecute Hill on the assault charge." The Alaska State Fair, Inc. contracted security and traffic control to StarPlex, a firm located in the Northwest Lower 48.

Assault on protester at 3:30 in the video

Court record of arrest: http://bit.ly/bPSx6D
ADN coverage: http://bit.ly/bwE3u9
Frontiersman coverage: http://bit.ly/9V4gyn
Newsminer coverage: http://bit.ly/bEEq2K
Alaska State Fair official statement: http://bit.ly/cY5U2u
Alaska State Fair website: http://alaskastatefair.org
Security firm's website: http://www.starplexcms.com

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Fed - Spending Money Like There's No Tomorrow

National Public Radio (NPR) ran a piece that was absolutely mind blowing.

Here is most of it...
In the face of the financial crisis, the Federal Reserve decided to buy $1.25 trillion of mortgage-backed bonds as part of its effort to prop up the economy.
... This week, we visited the New York Fed to learn the story of how the central bank spent so much money, so fast.

In late 2008, Julie Remache got a call from her former employer, the New York Fed. She was working in the private sector, and the call came while she was at the office. She recognized the extension, and knew someone from the Fed was calling her. So she took the call in a conference room.

The guy on the other end of the phone was Richard Dzina, a senior VP at the New York Fed. His offer: Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to spend hundreds of billions of dollars and try to save the economy

"How could I say no?" Remache says.

The New York Fed is a big, fancy place — lots of marble, a vault full of gold in the basement. But Remache and her team worked in a plain room with four small cubicles. There were no marble floors or oak tables. Just a Nerf football net, a table-tennis trophy, and two yoga balls.

The team spent six weeks coming up with a plan of attack, and 15 months actually buying mortgage-backed bonds, all of which came with a government guarantee that they’d be paid back even if the borrowers defaulted.

The program’s intent was to keep interest rates low, and slow the decline in housing prices. The team ended up buying more than a fifth of all of the government-backed bonds on the market....

In the end, they came very, very close to their target: They told us they were just 61 cents short. (In other words, they bought $1,249,999,999,999.39 worth of mortgage-backed bonds.)

The Fed was able to spend so much money so quickly because it has a unique power: It can create money out of thin air, whenever it decides to do so. So, Dzina explains, the mortgage team would decide to buy a bond, they’d push a button on the computer — "and voila, money is created."

The thing about bonds, of course, is that people pay them back. So that $1.25 trillion in mortgage bonds will shrink over time, as they get repaid. Earlier this month, the Fed announced that it will use the proceeds from the mortgage bonds to buy Treasury bonds — essentially keeping all that newly created money in circulation.

$1.25 Trillion

This is market manipulation.
This is how they create an illusory economy.
It is a recipe for financial disaster for this country.
It is the precursor to hyperinflation and currency collapse.
Our government - along with the Federal Reserve - is spending too much and printing too much.

Easy credit was one of the causes of the recession.
Stimulus spending did nothing but put the country in more debt.

No wonder the Fed does not want to be audited.
Congressman Ron Paul is looking to have the Fed's gold reserves audited (do you think they have any?)
The house of cards they have erected will be coming down.

I don’t think the Federal Reserve should exist – it would be best for congress to exert their responsibilities and that is find out what they are doing. It is an ominous amount of power they have to create money out of thin air and being the reserve currency of the world and be able to finance runaway spending whether it is for welfare or warfare; it seems so strange that we have been so complacent not to even look at the books. If we knew exactly what they were doing, who they were taking care of, there would be a growing momentum to reassess the whole system” - Ron Paul

It's Time for Sound Money.

It's Time to End the Fed.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What's YOUR Line In The Sand?

What will provoke you to use the Second Amendment to rebel against a government gone bad?

Will it be ............

1) - The closing of the banks and freezing your money?
2) - How about Martial law?
3) - Cutting Social Security and Medicare payments by 25-50%?
4) - Food shortages?
5) - Losing your home?
6) - Brutality by government agents against you and your family?
7) - Another tax increase?
8) - Fraudulent elections?
9) - You realize you have nothing to lose?
10) - U.N. small arms treaty becomes law in America
11) - Your religion is attacked by government.
12) - Government determines your home is to be shared with a homeless person(s)
13) - The IRS audits you due to political activism.
14) - Public schools instruct your children to report on your private life.
15) - Or ............ Tell us what your line in the sand is, and also how you might plan to respond?

Please take our latest survey anonymously and tell the world what your line in the sand is. When does the Second Amendment become your tool of choice for rebellion to bring back a Bill of Rights culture to America?

Think carefully and thoughtfully. This could be the most important question you have ever asked yourself. Your life may depend upon your answer. Please share your message for liberty that can be heard throughout every nook and cranny of America.
Take the survey now

Read some answers

Banning Lead Ammo

Sigh... they are at it again... the eco-nazis.
What part of "shall not be infringed" do they not get?
But we all know that it's not really about the ammo.

Attention all gun owners, shooters and 2nd Amendment supporters!
This is Urgent!

NSSF put out an Action Alert on Traditional Ammunition

We need to Oppose the Petition to Ban Traditional Ammunition!

The National Shooting Sports Foundation encourages all gun owners, hunters and shooters to oppose the petition filed with the Environmental Protection Agency seeking to ban the use of traditional ammunition containing lead-core components. This ban would apply to ALL ammunition including ammunition used by target shooters!

Filed by several agenda-driven groups including the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD), the petition erroneously claims that the use of traditional ammunition poses a danger to (1) wildlife, in particular raptors such as bald eagles, that may feed on entrails or unrecovered game left in the field and (2) that there is a human health risk from consuming game harvested using traditional ammunition. Also falsely alleged in the petition is that the use of traditional ammunition by hunters is inconsistent with the Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976. Congress expressly exempted ammunition from being regulated as a “toxic substance.”

NSSF urges you to stress the following in your opposition:

–There is no scientific evidence that the use of traditional ammunition is having an adverse impact on wildlife populations that would require restricting or banning the use of traditional ammunition beyond current limitations, such as the scientifically based restriction on waterfowl hunting.

–Recent statistics from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service showing that from 1981 to 2006 the number of breeding pairs of bald eagles in the United States increased 724 percent, and much like the bald eagle, raptor populations throughout the United States are soaring.

–A ban on traditional ammunition would have a serious negative impact on wildlife conservation. The federal excise tax that manufacturers pay on the sale of the ammunition (11 percent) is a primary source of wildlife conservation funding. The bald eagle’s recovery, considered to be a great conservation success story, was made possible and funded by hunters using traditional ammunition – the very ammunition organizations like the CBD are now demonizing.

–A 2008 study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on blood lead levels of North Dakota hunters confirmed that consuming game harvested with traditional ammunition does not pose a human health risk.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry, urges you to contact the Environmental Protection Agency to oppose a petition filed August 3 by the extremist Center for Biological Diversity to ban traditional ammunition.

The EPA has opened to public comment the CBD petition. The comment period ends on October 31, 2010. The EPA has published the petition and relevant supplemental information as Docket ID: EPA-HQ-OPPT-2010-0681. If you would like to read the original petition and see the contents of this docket folder, please click here. In order to go directly to the EPA's ‘submit a comment’ page for this docket number, please click here.

Your right to choose the ammunition you hunt and shoot with is at stake. NSSF urges you to read the background information and then express your opposition by calling or e-mailing:

Lisa P. Jackson
Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20460
(202) 564-4700
Fax: (202) 501-1450
E-mail: jackson.lisa@epa.gov


Steve Owens
Assistant Administrator, Prevention, Pesticides & Toxic Substances U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Washington, DC 20460
(202) 564-2902 Fax: (202) 546-0801
E-mail: Owens.steve@epa.gov

The Heller, McDonald and Miller cases all make it clear that we have a right as individuals to have arms, which includes ammunition. Making ammunition more expensive and bearing burdensome restrictions is just an attempt to do an end around the 2nd amendment.

It isn't about the lead.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Think Outside The Mosque

I know there is emotion involved ... strong emotion...
I know the issues involved.
But believe me when I say that this "mosque" issue is a distraction... a grand and purposeful distraction from the real issues that we should be focusing on.

First off - I don't believe the claim of the protests against the construction of this project as being against Freedom of Religion - It is said that there are already over 200 mosques in New York. Why this "mosque" being considered here and now? Now that we are approaching mid-term elections... now that we are approaching the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Think about it.

Second - I do believe that this is intended to foment Islamophobia in this country to prepare us for a war with Iran. It is also going to be used in Arab countries to showcase Americans as bigots and hypocrites. It is being used as fodder for more war. War that is going to be used to "cull the herd" and help depopulate. War that will be used to make certain individuals very very rich.

Third - This is going to be used as political fodder for the November elections. Candidates are already being urged to take sides. It is being framed as the debate for/against freedom of religion, bigotry, property rights and whatever else they want to spin it as.

The Imam's organization (The American Society for Muslim Advancement -ASMA) says it's:
"a New-York based nonprofit organization founded in 1997 to elevate the discourse on Islam and foster environments in which Muslims thrive. We are dedicated to strengthening an authentic expression of Islam based on cultural and religious harmony through interfaith collaboration, youth and women’s empowerment, and arts and cultural exchange."
Where were they on 9/12 /2001 - the day after the horrific event? Did ASMA condemn those that flew the planes into the buildings? What have they done to try and heal the gashing communal wound from that event since that time? Right now it seems like they are looking to poke a stick in the eye of America. I suggest this righteous Imam should take the $100 million or so that he expects to raise for this project and give it instead to the millions of Muslims around the world who are living in abject poverty as a result of their corrupt Sharia run governments and their lack of freedom.

That being said, I do not personally agree with the construction of this mosque/cultural center - or whatever it is they want to call it - in this area of New York. Just because one can do something doesn't mean that one should. Building this type of project - especially with the name Cordoba Initiative - is rubbing salt in a very open wound AND the fact is that everywhere there has been a so-called Muslim victory there has been a mosque or some sort of commemorative structure placed in close proximity. This would be viewed by many as a victory mosque.

But let's get beyond the rhetoric and claims of Islamophobia... look at the supporting foundations of this Imam's organization... The American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA)

From the Imam's own website:

Our Supporters: U.S. Foundations

* Carnegie Corporation of New York
* Rockefeller Brothers
* Rockefeller Philanthropy
* Rockefeller Brothers Fund
* Global Fund for Women
* William & Mary Greve Foundation
* The Sister Fund
* The Russell Family Foundation
* Danny Kaye & Sylvia Fine Foundation
* Graham Charitable Foundation
* Deak Family Foundation
* Henry Luce Foundation
* The Elizabeth Foundation
* The Ms. Foundation
* Hunt Alternatives

The usual suspects - the Rockefellers and The Carnegies are funding/supporting this organization and its Imam that wants to build this Mosque just to divide and conquer and distract the people. They want to distract the people so instead of talking about our government going out of control, we're arguing about some Mosque/Cultural Center and the "evil" Muslims.

We're being played.

They don't want Americans to be focused on the tanking economy, or unemployment or the cost of war, or that the government trying to ban homegrown foods and take money from our retirement accounts. They don't want people to figure out that this economy is being destroyed on purpose.

This is a divide and conquer scheme and we really should not fall for it.
Let's just expose it for what it is.
A grand distraction and a purposefully divisive campaign.

NOTE: Cordoba. Muslims captured this Spanish city in 711. At the head of the Arab and Berber Muslim army was Mughith al-Rumi, a former slave.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Geography Of A Recession

Watch our country rot before your eyes... that's not green shoots - that is the Cancer of Socialist policies, bailouts, spread the wealth economics and increased taxes on business and individuals.

In November VOTE THEM OUT!!!!

As for the economy - there won't be a double dip.... it'll be much worse says Egon von Greyerz:
There are three insurmountable problems in the US economy that are of a magnitude and gravity which can only be remedied by money printing:

* Federal and state deficits will soon escalate at an exponential rate. The US Federal debt has increased from $ 8 trillion in 2006 when Bernanke took office to soon $ 14 trillion. Many forecasts expect this debt to go up to nearer $ 20 trillion in the next 5 years. In our view it will be substantially higher. Add to that interest rates of 15% or higher and the American people will work just to pay taxes that don’t even cover the interest payments on the federal debt. This is why the US will either default or more likely print unlimited amounts of money.

* The real unemployment rate is now 22%. Since 2007 over 8 million Americans have lost their jobs and it will get a lot worse. Non-farm unemployment in the 1930s reached 35% and we would expect this level to be reached in the next few years.

* The financial system is bankrupt. Banks are failing at a much faster rate than last year. In the first 7 months of 2010 circa 110 banks have failed. More seriously the assets of the failed banks are only worth an estimated 30-50% of their balance sheet value. Banks are valuing their toxic debt at phoney values with the blessing of the government. But even debt that today is considered safe will soon turn toxic with the consumer coming under enormous financial pressure. Add to that the OTC derivatives held by US banks of at least $ 400 trillion. A big percentage of these are worthless and there are virtually no reserves to cover potential losses.

Within the next few years, the three areas above are likely to result in the biggest money printing programme in world history and simultaneously lead the US (and many other countries) into the abyss.


There has probably never been a period in world history which has caused the amount of wealth destruction that we are likely to see in the next few years. If we are correct in our assumption that the West will see a correction of the excesses of the last circa 40 years but more probably of the last 200 years, since the start of the industrial revolution, we could see a total annihilation of the assets that have been fueled by the credit bubbles. ...

Other analysts are also issuing some warnings... some are exiting the market... and one explains how hyperinflation will happen.

It's going to be a wild autumn.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Obama Wants Your IRA - What's Left Of It

I have two articles of interest to share with you - especially if you have some sort of nest egg.
First off - Congress and Obama want your 401 (k)s and IRAs
It's in the works kids.... you've been saving and investing for years and now they are moving in on taking it.
Congress and Obama are ogling the trillions of dollars sitting in Americans' 401(k) s and IRAs and have begun a scheme to tap into more of our money. Their passion is to use our money today with a promise to repay it when we need it down the road. We would do well to remember this is exactly what happened to the Social Security Trust Fund. The original intent was to require people to pay into the plan with all money going into an interest bearing trust account, and when we reached retirement age, we would receive a monthly stipend for life. They sold it to Americans as an insurance policy. ...

Lawmakers have proposed changes - and the Obama administration will seek to force the conversion of 401(k) accounts and IRAs into annuities or other fixed income streams, and eliminate tax credits for future contributions. Annuities, of course, typically offer lower interest rates but promise a guaranteed income. Politicians will use this “guarantee” as a way to filter our money into the government coffers. Logically, the next step will be a requirement to invest in Treasury Bonds (loaning politicians the money in our accounts) with the usual promise of reimbursement when they feel it necessary. Following the examples set by their morally bankrupt predecessors they will impose new rules establishing “means” testing, changing the age of eligibility, and increased taxes and penalties. ...

Another scheme they will use is arguing that taxes on most of these accounts are unpaid, and they simply want their money early. With a simple stroke of the pen, they change the rules to allow early collection of taxes. Thus, they take control of the money people have worked and saved for to ease and supplement their retirement years.

Politicians also have their eyes on your stocks. Liberals are demanding a capital gains tax "adjustment" and some are floating a trial balloon that would "allow" people to have Congress take over their stocks with a guarantee of no loss in value with that tired old promise of a steady income, etc., etc.

There is one undeniable fact that everyone must face; the spending by this administration and Congress will result in massive tax increases and outright confiscation of wealth from people who played by the rules, worked hard, and saved. Furthermore, there is no limit to how creative politicians are at separating people from their money. Obama and Congress will try to obfuscate the facts and put off the inevitable until they are out of office. The delineation between rich and middle class will soon be indistinguishable. Consequently, there will be two classes; the élite ruling class and the huddled masses.

Government policies have already led to the virtual elimination of pensions and benefits from the private sector. Above all, we must remember their goal is to control all wealth and income to redistribute it as they see fit. This is what authoritarian regimes do to liberty; eliminate it, one step at a time.
If the government cannot get foreigners to continue to buy our debt - then they are going to get you and I to buy this debt by requiring it be part of our IRA and 401-K portfolios.

However - with the economy continuing down its downward path and employment staying at high levels... people may not have much left in their IRAs and 401-Ks anyway...

Zerohedge had this article - Record Number Of Americans Using Retirement Funds As Source Of Immediate Cash - The statistics are shocking.
If our readers have been wondering where, in addition to the decision to never make mortgage payments again, do Americans get the money to buy a 2nd iPad (for that real 3D-effect of iTunes porn), preorder the iPhone 12.499, and bid up Amazon stock at 999x P/E, here is your answer: according to a new study by Fidelity, a record number of workers tapped their retirement funds and made hardship withdrawals from their accounts in the second quarter. In other words, just like the country they live in, Americans no longer give a rat's ass about the retirement years in a narrow sense, and the future in a broader one, and since real unemployment is about 20%, wage deflation is everywhere, even as Solitaire time is down to 0 (except for SEC employees), and nobody has any money left, the only logical recourse is to borrow from the self-funded pension fund.

According to the Fidelity study, "Among the 11 million workers whose 401(k) plans are run by Fidelity, 11 percent took out a loan from their plan during the 12 months ended June 30, the company said, up from 9 percent at the same point a year earlier. By the end of the second quarter, plan participants with loans outstanding against their 401(k) accounts had reached 22 percent versus 20 percent a year earlier." And if anyone is so deluded to think that these not so gracious retirees have any intention of ever paying these "loans" back, we have some AJ-rated CMBS to sell you at par prime. Which also means that suddenly Fidelity may find itself with worthless liens instead of cash, and should the market plunge again and the fund giant find itself in a need to satisfy billions in collateral calls, it is game over. But why worry: after all, it is not like investors have been steadily pulling cash out of stocks over the past 15 weeks.

More from Reuters:

During the quarter, 2.2 pct of Fidelity's active 401(k) participants took a hardship withdrawal, up from 2 percent a year earlier, and another peak, Fidelity said.

Often those withdrawals were used to prevent foreclosure on a home or pay college tuition.

"People have been looking to their 401(k) plans as a source of relief to help them meet financial hardships," said Beth McHugh, a Fidelity vice president who oversees the area. "For many individuals that is their primary savings vehicle."

Loans and withdrawals were highest among workers between 35 to 55 years old, Fidelity found, peak earnings years.

Fidelity, the Boston mutual fund giant, is also the country's largest administrator of retirement savings plans like 401(k)s, making its quarterly survey a closely watched barometer of saver behavior.

As more companies end traditional "defined benefit" plans like pensions, workers are relying more on "defined contribution" plans like 401(k)s to carry them through retirement.

To encourage savings, tax codes and other rules discourage early withdrawals. Distributions from 401(k) plans are taxed as ordinary income, and withdrawals by individuals younger than aged 59 1/2 may be subject to an early withdrawal penalty.

Balances in 401(k) plans, which tend to be held in mutual funds dominated by U.S. equities, slipped in the second quarter as major stock indexes tumbled more than 10 percent.

The average 401(k) balance as of June 30 was $61,800, up 15 percent from a year ago but down 7.6 percent from $66,900 as of March 31.

Fidelity found signs of continued thrift in the workforce. The average percentage of salary saved in a 401(k) held steady at 8 percent, similar to the rate in the first quarter, while 32 percent saved 10 percent or more of their pay.

And since the administration will most certainly do the expected and react wrongly to this development once again, we expect to see even greater penalties to pension fund redemptions, which will do nothing to decelerate this troubling trend (and quite likely do the opposite), but merely take even more money out of circulation, as the government's bloated machine keeps ever more capital to fund such massively value added activities as the SEC daily porn surfing habits.

Either way, savings for retirement is being destroyed.

That is really not cool... not cool at all.
In fact, it's a recipe for a baby boomer retirement disaster.
Let's hope their kids will let them come live with them, or that they get used to eating cat food.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cost Of Government Day

This from The Americans for Tax Reform Foundation:

Every year, the Americans for Tax Reform Foundation and the Center for Fiscal Accountability calculate Cost of Government Day. This is the day on which the average American has earned enough gross income to pay off his or her share of the spending and regulatory burdens imposed by government at the federal, state, and local levels.

In 2010, Cost of Government Day fell on August 19. That is the first day you stopped working for Uncle Sam and began working for yourself. Americans must labor 231 days out of the year just to meet all costs imposed by government - 8 days later than last year and a full 34 days longer than 2008.

In other words, in 2010 the cost of government consumes 63.41 percent of national income.

The Cost of Government Day also details how the states fared - Alaska has the earliest Cost of Government Day this year, falling on July 28, while Connecticut taxpayers will labor until September 17 to pay for the cost of their government.

Cost of Government Day serves as a tangible reminder of the growing burden government places on taxpayers. Click here to read the entire report, which includes case studies on the various policies that have contributed to pushing this year’s Cost of Government day to August 19, 2010.

Friday, August 20, 2010

One Huge Political Soap Opera

If we have to endure this kind of political garbage until November between the Narcissistic Attorney General and Wealthy Soap Opera Wrestling Queen I think I will just scream.

Against McMahon:

Against Blumenthal:

We all know that these two candidates are no pillars of moral behavior.
We all know they represent the political elites and have their own agendas.
We all know they will be spending millions of dollars flinging mud at one another and do other things in order to buy a Senate seat.
We know they are both insiders.
We know they both twist the truth and lie.
We know that they both care more about winning than about you or me.

Both are very disappointing candidates for a very important job.

It is already very nauseating.

From now till November does anyone think that the public will hear any discussion about the REAL issues that are affecting our lives and our country? Issues like economic recovery, illegal immigration, war, States rights, bailout spending, or how they would vote on treaty ratification like the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child? Will we hear anything about their vision for this country? or how they plan to right the wrongs done to us by Washington? What do we know of their understanding of the role and purpose of the federal government or their knowledge of the Constitution? Do they have a solid understanding of what is wrong with our economy and how to fix it? Do they plan to vote for this country or vote with their party or for special interests?

It's doubtful that we will hear any meaningful discussion.
We'll just be seeing more clips of Blumenthal lying and McMahon kicking men in the balls.

What a very sad state of affairs we have come to in this particular CT race.

No Substance.
No Vision.
No Change.

How very uninspiring.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Government Motors IPO


You bought the company once (via bailout) and
you get to buy it again! (by buying stock)

Taxpayers own more than half of General Motors (67%).
GM still owes the government $43 billion.

They are going to be selling shares to the public - traded in the US and Canada (New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange). Some say that GM is looking to raise up to $20 billion in its Initial Public Offering (IPO) making it the second largest in history. They will be offering $100 million in Common Stock and $100 Million in Preferred Stock (pays dividends and offers some protection if GM goes bankrupt).

Some analysts are predicting that in the long term, General Motors is just going to fail again.


They say it's because a legitimate bankruptcy and meaningful restructuring of the company was prevented by the taxpayer funded government bailout. What was preserved was an inefficient and unproductive company. Additional government subsidies and programs like "Cash for Clunkers" were just crutch programs to keep GM propped up - meanwhile their revenues/earnings have been padded as a result. It doesn't represent true sustainable demand for their product. So the increased profits they have been posting may not be telling the whole truth.

Some say that this company is run by labor unions and not for the benefit of its stockholders. The labor unions have done much damage to the profitability of GM and other companies as well. Benefits and pensions and other perks have driven up the price of manufacturing their cars. Many buyers must now take out huge loans in order to own a new vehicle. Clearly, people are shying away from that much debt nowadays and they are opting to buy used cars. (even though they are getting hit with higher tax assessments on used cars)

CNBC reports:
Scott Sweet, senior managing partner of IPO Boutique, agreed GM has a lot to prove before investors should consider it a worthy investment.

"They still have problems and their problems are large," Sweet said.

Of course everyone can see that this is a political ploy as well... by trying to raise enough cash to pay back the taxpayers, even though some would say that this company is fundamentally still sick, the Obama administration wants to be able to portray this $50 billion GM bailout as a financial success in the face of public skepticism and Republican political opposition. People are saying that buyers should tread cautiously (aka buyer beware) - because you may be buying just another inflated stock that is being hyped.

According to this video

GM is offering its customers less choice. It has trimmed its models from 8 to 4 - shedding SAAB, Hummer, Pontiac and Saturn while retaining Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC

The company is still $8.1 Billion in debt.

They have laid off 40,000 workers going from 93,000 to 53,000 employees.

Some may say that those cost cutting measures were a good thing, however the truth is that unless they can sell cars that people want, at a price they can afford then this company will be going nowhere very very fast.

I know one thing - I will be steering clear of this IPO, and I have decided not to do business with any company that has gotten a government bailout.

You can check them out here and here.

(The above should NOT be taken as investment advice... it is statement of various facts and opinions... anyone interested in making investments needs to do their own homework regarding investment and company financials before they plunk down any chunk of change. Just sayin'.)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The CT Rescue Team Is Here - FLIP THIS HOUSE!!!!

Here they are: Sam Calgiuri (Dist. 5), Dan DiBicella (Dist. 4), Ann Brickley (Dist. 1), Janet Peckinpaugh (Dist. 2), Jerry Labriola (Dist.3)


These CT Congressional candidates can be our state's contribution to cleaning up the "ginormous" mess that we have in Washington. We need them in Congress, and they need out help to get there! Let's work for their campaigns, donate time and money, get out the word and get out the vote!

We the people have had enough of the Progressive Democrat (Socialist) Agenda!

It is time for us to take a stand on Liberty, State's Rights and Free Markets, Smaller Government, Fiscal Sanity, Economic Growth, Adherence to the Rule of Law and Constitutional Principles.

As the Labriola campaign says: REPEAL. REDUCE. RECLAIM.
I couldn't agree more!
Let's Do It Connecticut!
It is time for REAL CHANGE !!!!!
(For those of you who live in other states - who is on YOUR Rescue Team?)

Chris Murphy (Dist. 5), Jim Himes (Dist. 4), Rosa DeLauro(Dist. 3),
Joe Courtney (Distr.2) , John Larson (Dist.1)


These people are raping this Country, trampling on our Constitution, destroying American Business and Industry, and providing for their own benefit and security while stealing from your hard earned paycheck (if you still have one). They are creating more dependency on government and they are spending more than we can possibly afford. They have put forth legislation that restricts your freedoms, increases the cost of living, and punishes success while rewarding failure and redistributing wealth. What they have done to this country with the help of others in Congress just like them, is criminal, unethical, and intolerable and they must be stopped!

Say "NO" To Socialism and Tyranny!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Test The Sea Food!

Here is Part 2.

While Obama was making posed photos from an inland protected bay area in Florida's Panhandle, some folks were gathering to tell some real truths.

"Fishermen do not want to lose our credibility or deliver contaminated seafood to market and make people sick." - Kathy Birren

"While President Obama and state officials claim that the Gulf is 'open for business,' these fishermen say the spraying of dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico is ongoing and they're concerned that seafood pulled from impacted waters is unsafe for eating."

"The tissue testing of this seafood is inadequate and testing for the toxic dispersants is non-existent." - Tracy Kuhns, Louisiana Bayoukeeper

Enough of Obama and BP's lies... these courageous women ROCK for having the guts to stand in front of America and tell the world the truth.

Let's listen to them!

Monday, August 16, 2010

More White House Deception

President goes for a swim in the Gulf – or does he?

You've probably already seen the picture of Barack Obama and his youngest daughter, Sasha, swimming in "the Gulf" in order to convince America that the Gulf of Mexico is safe and open for business.

It's reported
that when Obama and his daughter, Sasha, took a dip in the water this weekend, that only the official White House photographer was allowed to record this photo op.

The thing is this: the "official picture" was intended to prove that the Gulf region's beaches are back to normal, however details have surfaced which show that the pictures are deceiving. The private beach where the photo was taken is off Alligator Point in St. Andrew Bay (Watershed), in north-west Florida (Panama City Beach, Florida), which technically is NOT in the Gulf of Mexico. USA Today said this as well:
The Obamas swam in Saint Andrew Bay off of Alligator Point, technically not the Gulf, according to maps.

If he really wanted to prove a point, perhaps he would have done better swimming somewhere that the oil actually went.

Friday, August 13, 2010

CCDL Picnic - Carry On!

CT Citizens Defense League

Saturday at 11:00am - 4:00pm
Location: Booth Memorial Park
5800 Main Street - Putney
Stratford, CT

This event is open to CCDL Members and to the public free of charge.
Everyone is encouraged to attend this event to celebrate our right in Connecticut to Keep And Bear Arms. get to know us and learn more about what CCDL does to protect your rights as a gun owner in the state of Connecticut!

Come and enjoy typical picnic fare - burgers, dogs, salads, dessert and more!

This will be an alcohol free gathering.

CCDL Merchandise and Membership Sign Up will be available on site.

Any lawful forms of weapon carry are allowed and encouraged.
Firearms must remain holstered for the duration of the event to ensure safety, and along with you exercising your 2nd amendment rights, you of course are also urged to exercise safety and caution. Got questions about legal carry? Visit the CCDL website.

This gathering is going to be great fun!

See you There!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Great Discussion On Freedom Watch

The Judge
Gerald Celente
Larry Elder

Talk about

Government Bailouts
Weakening Economy
Unconstitutional Powers
War for Profit - both political and corporate

Listen up.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CT Republican Primary Results

The results of the CT primary are here.

I am truly disappointed that Peter Schiff didn't win the nomination for Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate - but c'est la vie.
In my honest opinion, Schiff didn't lose - CT did.
Big time.
Other states would have died to have a candidate like Schiff.
But, we can thank the media for wholly ignoring him and not doing their duty to inform the electorate, as well as the CT State Republican Leadership who desire deep pockets over substance.

Schiff was a great candidate and would have made a great difference in the US Senate.
Now we are stuck with a choice between an elitist millionaire who has made her fortune peddling trash to kids, and a narcissistic elitist who believes he is entitled to a seat at the Senate table.

It'll be interesting to see how many millions are spent on this Senate seat, and to see what kind of mud will be flung at one another in the process.
And McMahon has pledged to forgo any Senate paycheck if elected.

Moving along....
I will be focusing on getting Larson removed from Congress and putting Martha Dean in the CT Attorney General's office. That's the primary focus now ....

It is high time we get rid of all these Socialist members of Congress.


Much good luck and congratulations to Sam Caligiuri, Dan Debicella, Jerry Labriola and Ann Brickley.
Go get'em.

Monday, August 9, 2010

CT Primaries Tuesday - Who's Running?

Below are all the August 10, 2010 primary candidates, both at the Federal and State level. Included are the websites for the candidates:

US Senator
Peter Schiff (R)
Rob Simmons (R)
Linda McMahon (R)

US House of Rep
District #1

Ann Brickley (R)
Mark Zydanowicz (R)

District #2
Daria Novak (R)
Doug Dubitsky (R)
Janet Peckinpaugh (R)

District #4
Rick Torres (R)
Rob Merkle (R)
Dan Debicella (R)

District #5
Mark Greenberg (R)
Justin Bernier (R)
Sam Caligiuri (R)

Tom Foley (R)
Michael Fedele (R)
Oz Griebel (R)
Ned Lamont (D)
Dan Malloy (D)

Lt. Governor
Lisa Wilson-Foley (R)
Mark Boughton (R)
Mary Messina Glassman (D)
Nancy Wyman (D)

Sec. of State
Gerry Garcia (D)
Denise Merrill (D)

Attorney General
Martha Dean (R)
Ross Garber (R)

Michael Jarjura (D)
Kevin Lembo (D)

Vote for Liberty and Constitutional Principles
Vote for Fiscal Responsibility
Vote for Honesty and Ethics
Vote for Transparent Government
Vote to Return Government to the Basics
Vote to Promote the Private Sector so we can Create Real Jobs
Vote to Get our State and Federal Government Back On Track
Vote for Lower Taxes
Vote for some new ideas and new faces.

Memo to Democrats:

- We can see November from our houses.
- Hope and Change was really Lies and More Lies with Massive Irresponsible Spending as an added bonus.
- Please stop calling yourself Progressives when what you really are, are Socialists. Just say it and admit it already - ok?
- Your irresponsible spending and taxing has ruined Connecticut and this country (and yes, so has Bush's - but he is history and admittedly Mr. Obama has made an even bigger mess)

Memo to Republicans:

- If you really want to win in November then stick to the issues and stop getting derailed by petty twaddle.
- Working with Democrats to find solutions is fine - but voting like Democrats for higher spending and taxes, more bailouts, more government rules and restrictions and the erosion of Constitutional rights and the destruction of our Republic ... well then - please just change your party and run as a Democrat. We don't need more legislators like John McCain, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins or Scott Brown.
- Real Conservatives should show some spine. We need more Joe Wilsons and Justice Roberts outing people as the liars they are. Speak your mind and speak the truth with confidence.

Memo to Both Parties:

- We want to know what you are going to do to lower our tax burden and fix things like eminent domain abuse, illegal immigration, out of control government spending (to name a few).
- We want to know what you intend to do to enforce the Rule of Law and preserve Constitutional Rights and Restore the Republic.
- We are not voting you into office for you to sell your votes and cater to special interests.
- We want to know how you will combat the Federal government's usurpation of States Rights and end Nanny State policies that make Americans dependent on government.
- Let's talk about the future and how to get out of the mess that the elite entitled ruling class in Washington has created.
- We want to know that you will listen to your constituents.
- We are tired of your fabricated crises which are used to gain more control and power.
- We are on to you all and we are watching.
- Strengthen national defense, Yes - but stop sending our men and women to be targets with absurd rules of engagement in wars that are costly and pointless.

Memo to Voters:

- For heavens sake - stop voting for people based on the letter they have next to their name! Look at their record. Look at their history. Listen to what they are saying. Find out who they are and what they really stand for. Stop acting like sheep. Stop listening to the sound byte trash on cable TV news and biased newspapers and get some honest facts to form your decisions. The answers are not with Keith Olbermann or Sean Hannity, Rachel Maddow or Bill O'Reilly. Get some real answers from the people who are running in these campaigns - ALL of them.... even the ones being left out of news articles and debates - regarding issues that really affect you and your family, but don't just rely on their answers alone - take some time to read what they have written or said or done in the past.
- Local elections are just as important as national ones, if not more so.
- Vote for people you really believe in and not based on whether you think they can win or not. Don't let the biased media and trumped up polling make your decision for you.
- No vote is a thrown away or wasted vote.
- The lesser of two evils is still evil. Please stop voting for people you don't really believe in just to stop someone else from getting into office, because in the end you are still getting a candidate that sucks.
- Remember, we are going to be stuck with the people we put into office for a long time. Their actions WILL affect YOU and how you live YOUR life.
- Freedom is not free, and it is entirely up to all of us to be vigilant to protect our freedom for ourselves and our children.
- Vote for Liberty Candidates.

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Plato

Friday, August 6, 2010

America's Coming Pension Crisis

22 Statistics About America’s Coming Pension Crisis
As the first of the 80 million Baby Boomers have begun to retire, it has become increasingly apparent that the United States is facing a pension crisis of unprecedented magnitude. State and local government pension plans are woefully underfunded, dozens of large corporate pension plans either have collapsed or are on the verge of collapsing, Social Security is a complete and total financial disaster and about half of all Americans essentially have nothing saved up for retirement. So yes, to say that we are facing a retirement crisis would be a tremendous understatement. There is simply no way that we can keep all of the financial promises that we have made to the Baby Boomer generation. Unfortunately, the crumbling U.S. economy simply cannot support the comfortable retirement of tens of millions of elderly Americans any longer. The truth is that we are all going to have to start fundamentally changing the way that we think about our golden years.
That is pretty sobering news... news we have known about and pretended didn't exist.
The thing is that there are some very concrete facts to back it all up.

Pension plans everywhere are failing to meet their obligations.
State and local governments are cutting back and are raising retirement ages.
Social Security is now officially in the red.
Social Security will pay out more this year than it gets in payroll taxes, marking the first time since the program will be in the red since it was overhauled in 1983
"Financial security" will be non-existent for many people in this country in the not-so-distant future.
When you closely examine the numbers, it quickly becomes clear that a financial tsunami is about to hit us that is going to be so devastating that it will change everything that we know about retirement.

The following are 22 statistics about America's coming pension crisis that will make you lose sleep at night....

Private Pension Plans And Retirement Funds

1 - One recent study found that America's 100 largest corporate pension plans were underfunded by $217 billion at the end of 2008.

2 - Approximately half of all workers in the United States have less than $2000 saved up for retirement.

3 - According to one recent survey, 36 percent of Americans say that they don't contribute anything at all to retirement savings.

4 - The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation says that the number of pensions at risk inside failing companies more than tripled during the recession.

5 - According to another recent survey, 24% of U.S. workers admit that they have postponed their planned retirement age at least once during the past year.

State And Local Government Pensions

6- Pension consultant Girard Miller recently told California's Little Hoover Commission that state and local government bodies in the state of California have $325 billion in combined unfunded pension liabilities. When you break that down, it comes to $22,000 for every single working adult in California.

7 - According to a recent report from Stanford University, California's three biggest pension funds are as much as $500 billion short of meeting future retiree benefit obligations.

8 - In New Jersey, the governor has proposed not making the state's entire $3 billion contribution to its pension funds because of the state's $11 billion budget deficit.

9 - It has been reported that the $33.7 billion Illinois Teachers Retirement System is 61% underfunded and is on the verge of total collapse.

10 - The state of Illinois recently raised its retirement age to 67 and capped the salary on which public pensions are figured.

11 - The state of Virginia is requiring employees to pay into the state pension fund for the first time ever.

12 - In New York City, annual pension contributions have increased sixfold in the past decade alone and are now so large that they would be able to finance entire new police and fire departments.

13- Robert Novy-Marx of the University of Chicago and Joshua D. Rauh of Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management recently calculated the combined pension liability for all 50 U.S. states. What they found was that the 50 states are collectively facing $5.17 trillion in pension obligations, but they only have $1.94 trillion set aside in state pension funds. That is a difference of 3.2 trillion dollars.
Social Security

14 - According to one recently conducted poll, 6 out of every 10 non-retirees in the United States believe that the Social Security system will not be able to pay them benefits when they stop working.

15 - A very large percentage of the federal budget is made up of entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare that cannot be reduced without a change in the law. Approximately 57 percent of Barack Obama's 3.8 trillion dollar budget for 2011 consists of direct payments to individual Americans or is money that is spent on their behalf.

16 - 35% of Americans over the age of 65 rely almost entirely on Social Security payments alone.

17 - According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Social Security system will pay out more in benefits than it receives in payroll taxes in 2010. That was not supposed to happen until at least 2016. The Social Security deficits are projected to get increasingly worse in the years ahead.

18 - 56 percent of current retirees believe that the U.S. government will eventually cut their Social Security benefits.

19 - In 1950, each retiree's Social Security benefit was paid for by 16 U.S. workers. In 2010, each retiree's Social Security benefit is paid for by approximately 3.3 U.S. workers. By 2025, it is projected that there will be approximately two U.S. workers for each retiree.

20 - The shortfall in entitlement programs in the years ahead is mind blowing. The present value of projected scheduled benefits surpasses earmarked revenues for entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare by about 46 trillion dollars over the next 75 years.

21 - According to a recent U.S. government report, soaring interest costs on the U.S. national debt plus rapidly escalating spending on entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare will absorb approximately 92 cents of every single dollar of federal revenue by the year 2019. That is before a single dollar is spent on anything else.

22 - Right now, interest on the U.S. national debt and spending on entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare is somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 percent of GDP. By 2080, those combined expenditures are projected to eat up approximately 50 percent of GDP.

The reality is that our economy is in real trouble despite the short term "good news" that you might be fed on cable TV news - some of it being just pre-election political posturing.

Oh.. and did I mention that yet another top economic adviser to Mr. Obama is jumping ship?
This from Zerohedge:
If the latest rumor about the imminent defection of one of the three remaining policy stalwarts is true, it means the administration's economic policy is on the verge of collapse.

More people than ever before are on food stamps
and we are sustaining a pretty high jobless rate in this country month after month after month. The number of Americans who are receiving food stamps is now at a record 40.8 million; that's an eighth of our population! (May numbers) and those numbers are projected to go even higher. The jobless rate has hovered around 9.6% which represents a 27-year high.

We are definitely seeing food inflation... and with wheat shortages beginning to hit, and other commodity prices on the rise, consumer prices are bound to climb higher.

Unless we stop this insane spending in Washington and make some real cuts in government spending, especially in entitlement programs and nanny state legislation, then we are truly going to see some financial devastation in this country. Unsustainable social programs and union demands have brought us to a cliff. Now they want to tax you more while creating more government dependency. We can't afford Republican borrowing, and we can't afford Progressive Socialist Democrat spending any longer.

Be very very careful how you cast your votes in these August primaries and in the November elections. If we do not truly change the course this country is on, we will be facing some pretty dire circumstances.

No..... it's a reality check.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Constitution Ride Across America

Daren Gardner is riding across America.
He's a 50 year old small business owner, who loves God, Family, Country, and his Freedom. He's made a commitment, to fight for our Freedom, by spreading his message as he travels from State capitol to State capitol.

Check out his ride itinerary and see if you can get yourself and some friends out to meet him when he comes to your State's seat of government.

Gardner says:
I will not sit back and watch our country be mandated, and force onto the citizens changes that are in direct conflict with the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence, our forefathers founded this country on. So, I ask you America, to support this Constitution Ride Across America, and come out and "Rally Up" when I ride into your state capitol.
Let's get out and greet Daren when he comes to Hartford, Connecticut on August 17th.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

State Dept. Purges Obama's Mother's Documents

Today is Barack Obama's Birthday.

Yeah, certain people may mock the whole Obama eligibility issue, but the truth is that there IS a cover-up going on. There are lots of documents that are missing, unavailable or just plain being kept from the public eye. Websites have been scrubbed and data is purposefully missing. You can believe what you want - but there are just too many unanswered questions. The latest on this is that records in the State Department have vanished. They have been destroyed.

It is reported
that Responding to a Freedom of Information Act request, the State Department has released passport records of Stanley Ann Dunham, President Obama's mother – but records for the years surrounding Obama's 1961 birth are missing.

The State Department claims a 1980s General Services Administration directive resulted in the destruction of many passport applications and other "non-vital" passport records, including Dunham's 1965 passport application and any other passports she may have applied for or held prior to 1965.

Destroyed, then, would also be any records shedding light on whether Dunham did or did not travel out of the country around the time of Barack Obama's birth.

The claim made in the FOIA response letter that many passport records were destroyed during the 1980s comes despite a statement on the State Department website that Passport Services maintains U.S. passport records for passports issued from 1925 to the present.
Maybe it's just Dunham's records that have been destroyed - and just in that certain time frame.
Some of Dunham's records obtained via FOIA are here. They contain some interesting information.

Then of course there was the college instructor who worked as senior elections clerk for the city and county of Honolulu in 2008 who made the stunning claim Barack Obama was definitely not born in Hawaii as the White House maintains. He claims that the long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate for Obama does not even exist in the Aloha State.
"There is no birth certificate," said Tim Adams, a graduate assistant who teaches English at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Ky. "It's like an open secret. There isn't one. Everyone in the government there knows this."

Adams, who says he's a Hillary Clinton supporter who ended up voting for John McCain when Clinton lost the Democratic nomination to Obama, told WND, "I managed the absentee-ballot office. It was my job to verify the voters' identity."

He says during the 2008 campaign when the issue of Obama's constitutional eligibility first arose, the elections office was inundated with requests to verify the birthplace of the U.S. senator from Illinois.

"I had direct access to the Social Security database, the national crime computer, state driver's license information, international passport information, basically just about anything you can imagine to get someone's identity," Adams explained. "I could look up what bank your home mortgage was in. I was informed by my boss that we did not have a birth record [for Obama]."

At the time, there were conflicting reports that Obama had been born at the Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu, as well as the Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women and Children across town. So Adams says his office checked with both facilities.

"They told us, 'We don't have a birth certificate for him,'" he said. "They told my supervisor, either by phone or by e-mail, neither one has a document that a doctor signed off on saying they were present at this man's birth."

To date, no Hawaiian hospital has provided documented confirmation that Obama was born at its facility.

Copy of original long-form birth certificate of Susan Nordyke, born in Honolulu the day after Obama's reported birthdate. President Obama has never produced any document like this.
This short-form Certification of Live Birth which was released by the Obama campaign in June 2008, is not the same as a long-form, hospital-generated Certificate of Live Birth; one which has doctors signatures and parents signatures.
"Anyone can get that [Certification of Live Birth]," said Adams. "They are normally given if you give birth at home or while traveling overseas. We have a lot of Asian population [in Hawaii]. It's quite common for people to come back and get that."
Then of course there were the statements made by a member of the Kenyan parliament, which interestingly enough the verbatim documents on their official website have been scrubbed and removed. Thankfully, I took a screen print of it when it was there. (Funny how these documents keep disappearing). I added in red brackets to show just where the statement was made regarding Obama.

For what it's worth, there are many people who have lots of unanswered questions. Lawsuits are still wending their way through the courts, and Obama has spent millions of dollars fighting them... all it takes to prove his eligibility is to produce a birth document like the Nordykes have. So where is it?

Why are documents surrounding this birth being destroyed?
Why are websites being scrubbed?
Why are newspaper archives being made unavailable?
One can only conclude that something is being covered up and hidden.

The public has yet to see:

Original, vault copy of Certificate of Live Birth in the USA -- Not Released
Obama/Dunham marriage license -- Not released
Soetoro/Dunham marriage license -- Not released
Soetoro adoption records -- Not released
Fransiskus Assisi School School application -- Not Released
Punahou School records -- Not released
Selective Service Registration -- Released but proven by some to be Counterfeit
Occidental College records -- Not released
Passport (Pakistan) -- Not released
Columbia College records -- Not released
Columbia thesis -- Not released
Harvard College records -- Not released
Harvard Law Review articles -- None (maybe 1, Not Signed)
Baptism certificate -- None
Medical records -- Not released
Illinois State Senate records -- None (Locked up to prohibit public view)
Illinois State Senate schedule -- Lost (All other Illinois state senators' records are intact)
Law practice client list -- Not released
University of Chicago scholarly articles -- None

For a presidency that is supposed to be transparent.. it certainly is far from it.
The issue of eligibility for Barack Obama being President of the United States is still quite alive and well.

The truth is "hate speech" only to those who have something to hide.--Michael Rivero

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ross Garber - The Desperate Candidate

Ross Garber is "primarying" against Martha Dean for Attorney General.

Martha Dean is one of the most honest and unassuming people that I know.
She is a true Conservative, and a real patriot, and she has everything it takes to be a really terrific Attorney General for Connecticut. She has enormous support and has already won her party's nomination. She will bring real leadership and reason to the office of Attorney General and she will put that office back in order.
She is like a breath of fresh air in this corrupt and unethical political landscape.

Toss Garbage - I mean, Ross Garber - has just put out some very nasty and misleading mail hit pieces against Martha Dean in his desperation to garner Republican votes.

It's downright disgusting, but so very much like many of the dirty political tactics I have seen in past campaigns. When real conservatives run - watch out - some in the CT GOP establishment will do their best to torpedo it. Anyone remember Alan Schlesinger? They tossed him under the bus in order to come out to vote for Joe Lieberman; and Lieberman wasn't even a Republican!

Garber, a Rell/Rowland retread, wants people to believe that Martha Dean is advocating the use of drugs and promoting gun violence to children. That's a bunch of hogwash. Anyone with half a brain knows it too.

Garber takes words out of context, and distorts the truth for his own benefit.
I suppose he is used to doing that when he defends criminals and unethical politicians, but that is certainly NOT what we need as an Attorney General. Heaven knows we have had enough of that with Blumenthal.

Ok - so Garber defends corrupt politicians and other individuals for a living. Even corrupt people need someone to defend them in a court of law, but that does not give Garber the right to misrepresent his opponent's views on issues that don't even matter for the Attorney General's office. It doesn't give him the right to smear his opponent without even addressing the prime issues of the position. Does he talk about where he stands on eminent domain abuse? or dealing with unfair and oppressive over-reaching federal mandates? or how he will clean up and simplify the legal landscape in CT? Does he talk about how he will protect our Constitutional rights? No.

Martha Dean has great common sense plans and ideas.
Ross Garber has rhetoric and distortions.

There is one big thing Garber neglected to tell the recipients of his vicious mailings.

What he neglected to tell Republican voters is how he donated $1000 to Chris Dodd's campaign in 2007. Now, that would have raised many an eyebrow.

What he also failed to tell his fellow Republicans is that he has also been bankrolled by Democrats in this quest for AG. (Yes, it's all online at the SEEC website)

Stanley, Nancy, and Gail Bysiewicz alone gave $6,000.
So you say big deal - they are family.
I dunno - how much are they giving to Jepson's campaign?

Garber's donor list is riddled with supporters of Democrats as well as registered Democrats.

People who supported Bill Richardson, Chris Murphy and Hillary Clinton have put money into Garber's campaign. How interesting.

So let's recap.
He donates money to Democrats.
He is bankrolled by Democrats.
He defends unethical and criminal politicians and their staff.
He distorts the truth and misleads the public.

Sure - is that what we really need for an Attorney General running as a Republican?